30 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-30-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Jimmy is in Los Angeles for the week, editing and stuff.
Cleveland road-trip is summarized. Empty streets, basic TV and goat. Troy the unlistenable misogynist cunt is here to spoil your morning.
Some strip club stories sort of, uncool weirdos and Ant loses shirt.
No superheroes for the Opie & Anthony Show? ... Franchise that shit.
Memories of franchise past, Stinky and Spaz and BBC interview. Some creep's perv switch goes off. Interview prep. Obama reads more jokes.
Another not a superhero interviewed. Scarlett, Enterprise and Knicks.

▶ 2012-04-30-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie briefly stays to test Sam's basic sport knowledge. Hateable Matt at the Cleveland show. We then get to hear about Kenny on the road.

27 Apr 2012 - C Town

▶ 2012-04-27-BS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sammy does the before-show and searches for girls to be sniffed.
A Jonas spotted and Chip ruins the mood. The idiot Bobo clambers onstage and gets a handful. Roland sweats, and Jim smells.
Eager Jim hunts out more eggs. The Cherry Dart ladies are introduced.
More projectile games and more imbecilic Bobo. The format takes a very brief turn. Medical emergency averted. The game keeps on going.
Opie's drunk. Cherry Darts hurtles relentlessly towards its climax.

26 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-26-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Sweet Jimmy, he is apoplectic with rage. Yet more craven corporate incompetence from Sirius management and marketing numbskulls.
Urban exploration. Chip gives us a brain tumor. Old bombing mission.
The Accused re-assessed, a non-hate crime in 'bama, terrifying RSVP. Anthony Jeselnik debuts. Lady comics, listening and sketchy landings. The Dawson is dodged, Ant's channel and the decapitation faux-pas.
Is Sam a nark? Ant's 80s showertime leads to internet investigation. Ti West phoner. Pubes and Twitter. The Dawson is not dodged.

▶ 2012-04-26-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
The Shit Show spends its time getting ready for Cleveland.

25 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-25-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Sickly Ant today. Cleveland Indians derail Hard Rock, heap big bungle. Fashion plate Jimmy has a subtle tell, he also pulls things out his ass.
"Yank the promos". Management Gary is infuriating to listen to. Let's scramble for venues. The trusty Scarface bit is here to cheer us up.
Coupla callers. Obama's a campaigning nerd, and Jon Lovitz suddenly disappointed in class warfare rhetoric. Taxman and bad chase music.
Jason Segel briefly in studio. He's dipping his wick in Michelle Williams.
TV royalty Garry Marshall comfortably works the room. Has plenty of old-school anecdotes of how it all used to be, he keeps the boys rapt.

▶ 2012-04-25-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Danny shits on Ant's pal and his film. Sam is informed that the callers stink, apparently this is news to him. Troy's new intro gets bashed.

24 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-24-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Grim in the morning ... The boys are tired. Relationship Jim is an angry man. Radio's all done. Closet-cases and the horseshit political classes.
Bunch of Christie clips and small penis. Facebook is for fucking idiots. Tom Papa appears. Future shock: robots, nanotech and hive-minds.
Jimmy doesn't like sing-song production. Erock abuse and the poster. More Sully the goose-killer preparation and teeny peener, return of.
Penn Jillette in studio. Evangelical atheism, pork, funny hats and B&H. Celeb Apprentice stuff. Electric car cuntery. Teapots and spouts.

▶ 2012-04-24-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Adventures in ambient audio: Penn aftermath, Opie and Tom off-mic and slouched on couch. Jim and Kenny turn-up too, no mic for Kenny.

23 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-23-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Ant has a cold, would take day off but motherfuckers call his agent. Vague Erock's dramatic hospital mystery. This obviously irritates Troy.
Seinfeld reference. Paranoid Roland starts to feels the Christie heat. More twitter grooming from Cumia, Norton cockblocks. Bill Hicks bit.
Imus smashes lil Jimmy. UFC145 summary. Ant gets his arm twisted.
Rowdy Ron White in studio. Does huge numbers, Norton overjoyed. What's new in tourbuses. Gives his Top 5. Asshole pilots drugs bust.
Filtering is for faggots. Doug Century, a dynamic man of action. Blood.

▶ 2012-04-23-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Roland and Troy yammer away about something or other. We get to hear the 'Good Morning' session tapes. More Roland/Christie.

20 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-20-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
No Ant or Jimmy. Florentine and Bob Kelly are your replacements ...
Suicide benefits. Rashad Evans awkward question and UFC preview. Lazy wiggers. Bags and bandoliers bashed. Wide jars, outdoor shits.
Double topical? Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame reportage. Roller disco tales. Jim was a beautiful woman, Bobby a tutu cutie and Opie a model.
Bob Kelly sings Journey songs. Fitzy and Cedric call the show.
The inexplicable Sterling stinks. Bob eats out of a bucket. Gov Christie repudiates. The full Opie showreel gets played and gets a beating.
Show does OT, Opie & Bobby very comfortable just shooting the shit. That's your new podcast partnership after October I'd guess.

▶ 2012-04-20-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie and Bob stay-on with Sam for a 10 minute Shit Show.

19 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-19-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Dead Dick Clark. Tributes pour in. Afros. Sirius web team is beaten up. Sick from school and watching gameshows. Clips and springs.
Levels fucked and list of demands. Kid shits pants, it's on the news.
Kobayashi Maru for Erock. Rich Vos is here, he got a ticket. Mel Gibson audio. The Vos family explored. Seafood. One-legman and Wegmans.
Airline pilot audio is played. Golf story causes Vos crisis of confidence.
Rain Pryor in studio to plug. Talks all about her famous dad.

▶ 2012-04-19-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Cousin Brucie tells us how much he loved Dick. Tippy and Bobo clips.

18 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-18-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Bootlegs and screeners. The boys work to wind-up Ant over Cusack. Radio industry stinks. Nickel'n'diming, legal fucks and stunt-casting.
"Street fighting millionaire". Cum deep, and fuck the consequences. Greggémon catch 'em all. Ted's cranky Bill of Rights emporium.
Cromartie roll call. Kevin Hart appears, good old-fashioned slamming.
Edgar Allan Poe show-prep done live. Opie does a pitch for NAMBLA.
John Cusack is late, gets put on the clock ... Does he turn up in time?

▶ 2012-04-18-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie acts as show producer, he leaves, the wrestling talk starts. What did we learn? and the hotline lights up. More doormen. And Troy.

17 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-17-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Axes'n'Taxes day, Stern's lawsuit, hoo-hoo, and PrepBurger makes us feel quite unwell. Barnacle information, plane rape and cunt hair.
Romney party maniac, Bob Beckel, Rosie's big flabby tits. "There's a person!", a botch of TV-news dolts. Podcasts, horses and Shit Shows.
A Jersey Shore rube in studio. Nothing of consequence to report.
Vic Henley is happily alcoholic. Talks about his asshole deadbeat dad. Cops kill a murderer. Midas mufflers, ex-wives and on the road.
Austin curfew stinks, blue-collar backstory and the space-program.

▶ 2012-04-17-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Erock goes "eugh!". Club Soda Kenny sings the pops. Whoo Kid.

16 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-16-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Opie in the park. Jimmy gets to talk about juicy she-cock. The Lincoln assassination and pre-modern amputation technique. Playoff hockey.
Ant's Music Time: blues, jazz and hippies. A projector fascinates Travis and CNN. Toodly doo cantina. Guns'N'Roses don't like each other.
Rashad Evans in studio. Gregorio tries hard to get his face smashed in. Game face, fight mode and the morgue. Chicks be starting. Uncle Billy.
Ant hits the Florida law books, Kenny unveils a gag. Safersex4seniors.
Notorious B.I.G. almost downloaded. The Secret Service shenanigans. The pain, doormen and ol' Ant gets burnt in the market. Cleveland.

▶ 2012-04-16-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Sam has Hole documentary editors as guests, Chipper and Uncle Paul phone with questions. Cake stomp and Jim's KISS fantasy replayed.

Soup Or Laid?

Boys watch rom-com trailer, a rambunctious Chip gets out of hand.

13 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-13-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Mika Brzezinski is a dolt. Office intrigue and the psychological torture chamber that is Morning Joe. Rosen Romney hoo-ha and walk back.
Joe DeRosa, he's all stressed-out and standing-up. Apartments and coke variations. Springsteen and some piano-men get a shellacking.
Forced Letterman laughs. Cleveland prep. Crime scene sexscapades into the perennial favorite - the Buck or Bailey bit. Cop tugs cock.
Ricky Gervais. He reserves the right to offend arseholes. Evolution somewhat escapes Opie and caller Ben leaves with a flea in his ear. Karl stories variety pack. There's something about Bailey.

▶ 2012-04-13-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie stays for half a Shit Show, Jenny Hutt on phone in the other half.

12 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-12-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Axl Rose declines whilst Charles Manson denied. The Zimmerman is charged, we're off to the circus. Opie fears the FIOS. Slacktivism.
Mambly-pambly Ant enjoys Ronstadt and ice-cream sandwiches. The new Boy Butter ad is discussed. A classic Otto & George live-read.
Anderson Cooper is all apologies. Asian girthy cock dumplings. Petite Jimmy has the nose of a bloodhound. Big fatties, feet and kittens.
Opie wants to batter Troy. In return Troy plugs some silly metal band.
Jeff Goldblum. 'Goddamn rich cunt!' He recommends some very good films to Jim. How he goes about his job. We play the movie game.

▶ 2012-04-12-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Clubsoda Kenny can't speak for himself on the Shit Show. Eminently skippable half an hour of pop pabulum. Opie is briefly on the hotline.

11 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-11-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Santorum, tax and spend, and hypocritical fraudulent political class. Ozzie Guillén discussion, free-expression, rights and consequences.
Joel McHale. Those Chevy Chase voicemails, everything sounds better with a Cure intro. Favorite war movies and assisted reality TV.
Bob Kelly next, more voicemail drama. Soup or laid? Rom-com trailer gets dissected by a rambunctious Chip. The Ted red-band is enjoyed.
Bobby's ridiculous bandolier is ridiculed, then yummy prolapse time. 'Oh, lawdy lawd!', big cyst video fatigues Ant. Cop show set stories.

▶ 2012-04-10-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Bob Kelly stays-on, he does watch some amount of shite on Netflix. The big dope still believes in ghosts and Troy says 'energy'. Wrestling.

10 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-10-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Bobby Kelly empties-out Ant's kitchen. Allergies, speeding camera and eggy rituals. Porcine execution, big Albatross and IBM chick.
Kinison and the Fives. Wallace and the homosexuals. Boys beware!!
Instagram, ya got your filters dude. CNN reads facebook. Who wants a Race War? Kodak done. Getting hostile with the Roberts. Poor Jess.
Chris Elliott guests. Plastic surgery, Letterman, meat sweats. Attention deficit in an information age. Comedy movies. WNEW remembered.
Buffett rule explained, and Buffett party is called. Cakes are described.

▶ 2012-04-10-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Co-workers cohorting, and Ant is on the hotline to his favorite show. Erock paycheck incident and Erocktober ... all kicks off with Paul.

9 Apr 2012 - Worst Of

▶ 2012-04-09-OA-Worst-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Ant's hiking misadventure and Go-Bag. Jason Statham and Ed Norton. Re-upping the marriage contract and big fatties. Mondo Topless clips. Frank the Frowner on the toilet, Bobby gags. Tippy Tom phone show. Homeless radio continues after the break with Tom and Blue. Patrice can't say he enjoys Call Of Duty 2. BDSM pantomime aggravates.

He Is Risen

▶ Ted Christ.mp3 - 6:34
Silly goose Jim Norton recounts the greatest story ever told.

6 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-06-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
A widow lands a plane. The 'broads in the workplace' bit finally gets a Mad Men bed played under it. Tim skypes the show from Afghanistan
Chip was on Hannity, Zimmerman audio is enhanced and McDonalds millionaire update. Some celeb horseshit then Clint Hill anticipated.
Some lady needs to buy a new suit. Marion Barry is still a dumb cunt. Walkmen & nailguns. Troy doesn't think himself a pompous asshole.
Secret Service agent Clint Hill in studio to describe JFK assassination.
Almost time to go 'o-o-ome. Show is wrapped-up all nice and tidy.

▶ 2012-04-06-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Erock's prizebin is cleared out. Mashup Nicole got ragdolled last night. A healthy Tara Reid on VH1. Sam receives a Wrestlemania pile of shite.

Ron's Umbrella

▶ Ron's Umbrella.mp3 - 42mins (Original Airdate: Feb 2012)
A favorite bit of Ronnie B business from this year was re-played on yesterday's Best Of Ron & Fez, and now it's here for you to download.

5 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-05-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Opening day, Mets and Marlins. Crowd goes holy fuck as Muhammad Ali is wheeled-out. Coupla guys phone-in to disagree with Jimbo.
Top quality gear at the dentist. Mega Millions McDonalds lady. Crispy chicken hoo-haa. Free-expression ramifications and repercussions.
No girls allowed, equality, and taking your chances on the golf course. Strong-grip swiffer. The Florine character phones in again.
Maggie Grace big awkward situation. Sweaty Roland shits his pants. The Taken running montage, and ol' Soy Sauce head.
Eugene Levy next. An early school reunion segue is sidestepped. Talks about movie acting and improv and all that malarkey.

▶ 2012-04-05-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Francine phones the show, which would be good ... it encourages that unlistenable dumb cunt Troy to barge in, which of course is very bad.

4 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-04-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Visual Elements™ Galore: The Mondo Topless is watched and enjoyed, LFTC Twisterception, TV meteorological friction, and Holy Moly!
Erock a racist? Wrestling gimmicks, giants, put overs and shitty pants.
Minaj a cunt? The McDonalds demographic shift and lottery fantasist. Ant secretly digs ebony chick flicks. Roland saw Bruce again.
The gum. Gay porn priest. Beatles 2.0 poo-pooed, Yoko takes the piss. Burger 911 call, Grand Canyon to Titanic newsreel in a single bounce. Antarctic exploding iceberg. Visual Element™ concludes for the day.

▶ 2012-04-04-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The brains trust works the problem of getting Bobo to Cleveland.

3 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-03-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Computer nostalgia. Then we hear about Ant versus MTA on the LIE. Tow-truck visual element. Gene Simmons abuse makes Yimmy sad.
Kenny's maladies and malaises. Troy Quan's swollen beak. Eye drops,  same-day surgery, and sleep apnea. It's the O&A medical hour.
Books are going away. Haaamburger. Then Jim Abbott talks baseball.
A new emporium (briefly) opens for business. Sam singularly fails to keep it brief with the wrestling. The economics of shitty movies.
Hot-tub debauchery. Opie summer-house hunt. Meet the new boss. Poppers and MDMA all round as fat Erock rocks phat beats.

▶ 2012-04-03-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The club show aftermath. Troy apologises for being Troy.

2 Apr 2012

▶ 2012-04-02-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Lottery shenanigans, easy come easy go. Erock vacations on Mercury. Wrestlemania is a series of first-world calamities for a frustrated fatso.
Sambo's wild-man bachelor party : nudie girls, dads and a gay guy.
NBC News brutal audio hatchet job. Jay Mohrz phones in from the hoodie hood. Then a numbskull caller eviscerated, and fuck René too.
Erock picks-up to take his lumps. Chevy Chase voicemail played. The late Bill Burr arrives in studio. Hecklers all deserve a beating. Bill is this close to packing. Gold standard, Philly and CQ's greatest tweets.
Everyone bails out, leaving Bill and Opie to talk hockey on overtime.

▶ 2012-04-02-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
What did we learn? Whoo Kid acts all ignant. Burr's Philly YouTube.