24 Jan 2012

▶ 2012-01-24-O&A-CF64k.mp3
Why isn't the show going to the Superbowl? The lobby posters are discussed. The Bronco Bash and WAAF RealRockTV larceny is recalled.
Getting obscure with the sex-man, Josh the charity prizewinner gets royally fucked all ends-up and then cinnamon.
Georgeless Otto in studio. Sandwiches and freon. Old New York.

▶ 2012-01-24-SS-CF64k.mp3
Kenny doesn't care for Troy and more chances to hear Bobowie.


  1. thanks! can I add a link to your blog on my rf blog?

    1. Of course you can.

      I have added a link to your blog in the 'Alternate Sources' list, over and down in the right hand column.

      If anyone has any additional O&A sources they would be happy to share, then let me know and I'll keep the list updated.

    2. Fezzy McCool thanks

  2. Thanks as always. Best O&A link site there is.

  3. Hey dave thanks for everything you rock

  4. Thanks man!

    I gotta be honest...I hate the new intro.


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