29 Sep 2012 - Davey Mac

Colorado grievance. Chocolate milk method tests Pepper's hangover. Formats flip, phones light up. Cousin Brucie is quizzed. Eli Manning playlist provokes melancholy memories. All Dave's dreams dashed.
The Ted Williams way. Bullet Bob Feller. Mexico, Thursdays and a G.

28 Sep 2012

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Obamaphone causes mild irritation. Anne Coulter hip-deep in dopes.
NFL refs. A new Jimmy character. One At Bat and getting stuck in the minors. A deposition is replayed. Music and celeb news up-summed.
Bawby Kelly and Frank Caliendo in studio. Green rooms compared. Food, tears and Move That Bus. Bob says impressionists stink. Vents.
Anthony Bourdain next. South Pacific tranny talk. Fieri gets bashed. Bagel heads. 'Double-breasted'. Beirut and South America stories.

Frank Oz is here. Marlon Brando anecdotes. Sesame Street advisory. The art and science of puppetry. Good questions enjoyed by Frank.

▶ 2012-09-28-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Bobby, Uncle Paul and Chip on Sam & Friends. Jelly Kelly stuntboy. Half-hard penis and cross-promotion. Jerry Shepardini and Edgar.

27 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-27-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Hula-hooping. Happy Jimmy met Carol Burnett. Sam's a sensation. Horse pimple and other infections. Allahu Akbar and one bad knee.
Local fucking news. Emergency response, and all the lonely people.

Documentarian Dinesh D'Souza is here to put the boots to Obama.
Iliza Shlesinger returns to the show to trade videos. Also Matt Paxton is here to tell the Hoarder stories. Smoke, retail and family members.
Iliza's bedroom antics probed. Telecommunication devices mocked.

▶ 2012-09-27-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Jam: Sam doesn't believe no means no. Jim stays on to talk Brando. Contemporary movie icons? More big guests: Danica Patrick is here.

26 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-26-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Jew Days. Wind power. Fans love dick in ass. The Romney tell. Future Jimmy has some curious ideas about GPS. More Boston Dynamics fun.
Presidential pretty boy. Katie Sunshine causes hula-hoop fascination.
Gaga food. Double Chip. Madonna is terribly outrageous. Savages. Anthony still doesn't care for Mustard. Lauper, cunt? Creeps.

Steven Van Zandt is back again for another chat with the boys.
'Trick or treat' at Uncle Paul's. The urban arm-swipe. Joe Currie plugs. The reason for Ant getting his hair did becomes aparent ... awkward.

▶ 2012-09-26-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
More female Sirius staff pawed, new-start Ashley on mic. Jim stays-on killing time as he waits for a Carol Burnett photo. Lime disagreement.

25 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-25-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Football refs. Contract talk. Future Jim learns the Google. Fiddy grand. Triple trouble for Nicole. Erock food error. Gym buddy. Ahmadinejad.
Traffic court and MTA. More dumb shit from the midget Iranian bigot. Paddling causes rods. Megan's improv skills tested. New age bullshit.

Deepak Chopra here to talk a load of cobblers, his son much less so.
Bob Golub next. Youngstown and James Traficant's inexplicable syrup. Moving weight, some prison stories. Getting into comedy. Goodfellas. Hey, Otto is on the phone. 500bucks per Cuban. Plugs and 'pieces.

▶ 2012-09-25-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Shit-Monster's activities analysed and Sam does a sports show.

24 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-24-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Football and five lines of shit. Fans on the field. Louis and the awards. Weak popular comedy, corruption and setup-free self-congratulation.

Sopranos conclusion picked-over again, Dave's tattoo and a new mic.
Erock's emasculated weekend and Jim gets caught-up on Troy/Joe. Green Day guy channels faux Johnny Rotten. Cinema. New earworm.
iPhones and Samsung ad. Streetview eye-opener. "How often does that come up?" The Gorn. Future Jimmy's futcha nonsense is resisted.
Viral 'What's The Haps?' Ron & Fez's intern Dana tapped. Whoo Kid.
Ant and Jim stay on for half an hour, then fades into the Shit Show. Anthony has to go, but Jimmy and Whoo Kid bond over fucktales.

22 Sep 2012 - Davey Mac

Peyton emails. Chinky the Puppet is all confused. Cubicle and cousin. Airtight action, bottomless anticipation and an incongruous silence.
Clarence. Splitsville. Peppy Pep Hamburger is mad. Daveman in a doc. Fake fun, the gay horse-owners and then the brawl to settle it all.

21 Sep 2012

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Jumping the line. Pissy leftleg and Erock wetwipes. Apple and Google. 'What's The Haps?', Sam meets iCult drones. Boxfresh consumption.
Cavemen. Astronomy photography prompts a theological discourse. Wincest. Irony-free Occupier mocked. Rachel offers up her insight.

Dave Attell (Jew) talks New Year. Joe DeRosa (Arab) defends his book. Troy (Hipster) is mad at Joe, gets nasty. Bill Burr (Irish) makes peace. Then a real man arrives ... WWE's JBL. Climbing 7 deadly mountains.
Downloading assholes spoil everything. Boys help Joe lick his wounds. Colin's shitty phone. Life, liberty and some Burr mountainman talk.

▶ 2012-09-21-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Drunk ol' Mashup Nicole talks cocaine, boxmunching and threeways. The Troy and Joe thing. Ant on the hotline to speak from experience.

20 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-20-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Homeplate. Chelsea Hotel. Cheap New York hotel rooms reviewed.
Jim Croce and then the celebrated Big Bopper break. Randy Newman.

Tony Siragusa is here. Art Modell gets stood-up for. The lost art of competition and Anthony's Norman story. Concussions and injury.
Jesse Joyce is next. Damien Echols interview talked about. Rapeweek. Writing the roasts. Joan and Jerry. Frisky farmhands. Chimpanzee.
Lewinsky book, wait what? Clinton cock is imagined. Julian is phoned. A Vocoder confuses Anthony. Gaga's big fat arse examined. Full-circle.

▶ 2012-09-20-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Anthony the intern requires an alternate name. Troy talks DP.

19 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-19-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Penny Marshall cancels. Liberty clearout anticipated. West Memphis Three, Alford pleas and documentaries. Opie has tornado concerns.
Anthony at the movies. Sad shuttle flight. An old Obama tape played. Jim unhappy with choice of worldviews on offer. A Romney response.

Damien Echols and Lorri Davis are in studio to share their story.
Post interview comedown. Sam has a Lawler update. Lady Di is not on the phone, filler required. Vox pop dopes. The idiot Bobo is discussed.
Karl Urban turns-up. Judge Dredd and Star Trek and all that jazz.

▶ 2012-09-19-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie stays on the Shit Show to talk viral videos. Contract talk. Primetime Sam Roberts still gets all the big gets, a big silver trophy.

18 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-18-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Sleepy boy Francesa. Tits. Noisy children zipstripped. Subway grind. Where's the clips?... Off-the-cuff Romney gets approval. Stuntbrain.

KISS and make-up. Boston/Cobain. The Jew. Dumb Ventura on the TV. Mellow Billy Burr enters the studio. Lance, 9/11, and drinking water.
DeRosa not here, still bashed. The Romney walkback stinks. Lockouts
Bawby not here, still bashed. Oldie-time hilarity: Durante and Lucy.
Mike Rowe turns up. Booze, commercials, a crab pitch. Opals and air.

▶ 2012-09-18-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sammy back in the Shit Show saddle. Opie and the birds. Contract. Jocktober 2012 preparation begins. That time Anthony fell asleep.

17 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-17-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Sports and cable. Poor chromakey apparently upsets the Muslims. Tyrannosaurus posture, Opie incommunicado, Kardashian critique.
UK tits and US policy. Suicide murderers. Damien Echols anticipated. Occupy this. Oriole memories. Retarded Laverne and Shirley babble.

Richie Sambora in studio. Writing songs, touring, learning the guitar.
Listener feedback. The Sambora daughter is inspected. Phone talk. Mommy Bloomberg knows best: subways and sodas. Jim gives up.

▶ 2012-09-17-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Dan and Trav struggle to light the phones despite incendiary topics.

15 Sep 2012 - Davey Mac

Davey Mac's hitlist comes in loud. Fat Francesa gets knocked about. Beast of the Week. The Labours of Jim Morrison goes slightly awry.
The NFL Picks get locked in all nice and tight, with Big Brother Adam.

14 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-14-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
America's got dog acts. Time's withered claw ravages Britney Spears. Roland acts somewhat queer. Novelty cup. Hot Butter deep tracks.
Rich Vos barges in. X-Factor and bullies. On fire, the regulars get lit up. Artistic integrity 'n' vagina aesthetics. Rich tests the limits of no homo. Mr. Colin Quinn phones the show for a few laughs amongst friends.
Glass corridor, the SiriusXM family. Conventions and fatty swingers. Feather cut. A shirt gets bashed. The Vos family is on speakerphone. Then JJ Abrams in and out to plug a new TV show. Lost and lens flare.
Inattentive Sal fucks up. Ant plays 'Let It Ride', playalong at home.

▶ 2012-09-14-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Friend of the Shit Show, Judah Friedlander hangs out. Vos sniffs about looking for Jews to help his film. JJ is back for a proper Sam interview.

Never Forget

13 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-13-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Bye-bye Mel and child vomit. Riding about uptown. Comparing Apples and Samsungs. Post industrial consumption. Marion Cobretti.
Car chase. "The Libyans!". Embassy security and Middle East fatigue.

Bawby Kelly is here, his shitty little boat is bashed. A spicy shit. AIDS.
Storytellers stink the joint up. Bob shows us how it's done. Whistle.
Nose maggots irritate Bobby's throat. Opie plays trust games. Vomit. Assited-reality TV mob wife Big Ang. Goodfella references aplenty.

▶ 2012-09-13-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Old Hollwood Bob briefly stays on. Sam has a guest: Brian Posehn.

▶ 2012-09-13-RF-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
How long can Hicks go before saying 'fuck'. Vegas sets line at 11mins. Hard Rock Johnny sits in. Fez speaks, callers put the boots to him.

12 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-12-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Hoarder Jimmy and Ant's lost pellet gun. Firehouse tributes and NBC's lack of silence. Op doesn't like the Kardashians, OJ or lazy banners.
C.R.E.A.M. then pipes of yesteryear. 1994. Crow-themed 'Fudging The Numbers' marketing blitzkreig. Abby and Brittany idle speculation.

Sleepy ol' Francesa. Mic boom fallout ... someone gets called a cunt. Cock consent and Coca-Cola. Sinise flavored Forrest run. The Colonel.
Ant's big Appley shit. Kenny's guessing game and more metal leg fun.
A door watched. Honey Boo Boo's mom on the phone. Moves made.

▶ 2012-09-12-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Jealous Julia. Ventura walk-off replay. Mr and Mrs Erock's shit habits. Tensions run a little high as Puppet Hair receives little to no respect.

▶ 2012-09-12-RF-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Mr B goes fucking ballistic on some shithead caller that attempts to act as apologist for totalitarian thugs. Matthew Modine is your guest.

11 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-11-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Sad looking Opie, wake-up the radio wizard. Tape-measuring on the radio. Jury duty Jimmy. Anthony's option curse still potent. Solution.

Airport security before and after September 11th. Remembering the mood in the aftermath. People surviving the collapse. Quantum Dice.
Sal's stupid puppet hair. The Honey Boo Boo clan is discussed. Guest booking problems. Bold new WWE storyline presented. Angry Vince.
TV news replay of 9/11 is watched and is commented upon. Publicists and Pete Positive. The Chinese get the short end of the rhyme stick.
Schoolyard verse and little tits. Pentagon replay. Dice at ground zero.

▶ 2012-09-11-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam the entrepreneur. Erock works the big board. Interns versus Sal.

10 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-10-OASS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt    ▶ Alt    ▶ Alt    ▶ YouTube
Hayfever and dogs - cats are assholes. Tebow time and the Red Zone. Twitter tards get theirs. The Sinise. Then Molly Ringwald is probed.

Ant's TV habits. Baby boy conspiracy cocksuckers. Ol' Dr. Steve talks infestation. Joshing. The first 25 minutes of 2001. The animals attack.
Mashup phone topics. Let's learn about horseshoe crabs. Partytime at the Roberts house. Invite dischord. The Nagel moves get busted. Grammar forensics... the beautiful ambiguity of the English language.
911 fade-out. Zep. Lady ref. MLB and PCs. Brad Pitt and pitches.
Show runs over awkwardly into the Shit Show, so you get a twofer.

8 Sep 2012 - Davey Mac

Sportsmaster numero uno East Side Dave and Pepper 'Pepper' Potts.
Babykissers, dicks and triscuits. 'Oh Sit!' Godpapa and other radical innovations in impersonations. A big mishap on the way-in. DM+.
Heisman murder farrago. The NFL picks are in. Hookers and crack.

Otto Petersen Unmasked

Street tales: The life and times of Otto Petersen as told to Ronnie B. Variety acts, comedy and mortality. George keeps his mouth shut.

7 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-07-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Airing out Bin Laden, Ant gets agitated. Automotive rhetoric has Chip smitten. The fucking balloons. Jimmy does these impersonations.

Obama's speech gets listened to. Mars attacked. The wars and taxes. Anthony and Jim have a big race-based discussion. Political calculus.
Rock, paper, scissors. Let's go lo-fidelity with Guy Fieri in the fishbowl. Sammy gets his dander up, bring out the Cuban. Invites and insults. Capistrano memories and a bonding misfire. Old TV shows. It's Ira.

▶ 2012-09-07-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam the intern has a couple of guys from The Inbetweeners film

6 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-06-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
DNC and the news-chicks. Clinton, his thumbs and women. Bail-outs. Internet dopes. Stuntbrain reports from Charlotte. Some dreams.

Dumb Mumbles Menino locked in mortal combat with his fat tongue.
Coupla faux Cobains. Sleepy scooter dashcam and little baby ducks.
Jazz in the shitter. An anthem and some very mediocre movie picks. Ornery Bobby Valentine. Manager's Corner and other sports audio.
Voyager1 sends the boys down a light-speed rabbithole. Big tits.

▶ 2012-09-06-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Happy birthday Sammy. More on Mumbles. Salvy and Julie squabble. Doctor Steve's new character. Let's meet this semester's new interns.

5 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-05-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Beady eye cast on DNC, interlaced with a boat crash. Campaigning for a re-up. Terrible choices get poked around. All the dead presidents.

Opie beats the traffic. A confused old man wandered into a tent. Four to the floor antagonises Ant. SuperErock goes back in the barrel. Ears.
No flight for the one-man marching band. Jimmy says that Anthony is a piece of shit. The Sal mystery. Comparative scale of big things. Ass.
Old lady excrement speculation. Tit trickery. Bob Barker gets fucked. Vanna White's hairy box. "A-hoodle-doo-dooh!" Black September.

▶ 2012-09-05-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sal gets a promotion. Roland and Troy down for whatever. Nicole.

4 Sep 2012

▶ 2012-09-04-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Computer problems and a broken system. Jim criticizes Travis in his absence. Sam the chiselling island hopper is discussed at great length.
Florentine turns up. Jets wildcat. Fantasy football bashed, the callers beg to differ. Take it to the commish. Intern boss Erock loses control.

More from Florentine's shitty old notebook. The mellifluous tones of Geoffrey Rush are in studio. All that acting and dressing up malarkey.
Ant a victim of chemistry. Pop band Matchbox20 eventually show up.

▶ 2012-09-04-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Five minutes in the company of Sam Roberts.

3 Sep 2012 - Worst Of

▶ 2012-09-03-WO-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston in studio. Opie lyrics, then 'Ice Cuuube' analyzed on the after-show. Jim Breuer storms Denis Leary interview.

Chip goes to ComicalCon, and some BTS for 'go to break Chippah'. Amy Schumer fingered. Chicago live show clips: fat Erock judges the worst breath contest followed by Chip Off The Old Block.
Warren Sapp entertains the boys. Jay 'Woody' Mohrz is on the phone. Whoo Kid brings in a surprise guest... Mike Tyson. Plus bonus audio.

1 Sep 2012 - Davey Mac

▶ 2012-09-01-ESD-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src

No board-op, no phone screener... SiriusXM's systematic abuse of the poor Dave man continues unabated. 'Why hast Thou forsaken Me?'
Slapdick. Dick talk with click and clack. Radio war! Tripping balls. Dust.