5 Sep 2012

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Beady eye cast on DNC, interlaced with a boat crash. Campaigning for a re-up. Terrible choices get poked around. All the dead presidents.

Opie beats the traffic. A confused old man wandered into a tent. Four to the floor antagonises Ant. SuperErock goes back in the barrel. Ears.
No flight for the one-man marching band. Jimmy says that Anthony is a piece of shit. The Sal mystery. Comparative scale of big things. Ass.
Old lady excrement speculation. Tit trickery. Bob Barker gets fucked. Vanna White's hairy box. "A-hoodle-doo-dooh!" Black September.

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Sal gets a promotion. Roland and Troy down for whatever. Nicole.


  1. Woohoo! As always, many, many thanks for all of your efforts in getting CF O&A to us unwashed masses so quickly!

  2. anybody know the first song they played from their "rave tent" break?

  3. Fuck yeah Josh Goodnaturedly makes an appearance!!

  4. its was a gotye remix played by afrojack


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