27 Sep 2012

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Hula-hooping. Happy Jimmy met Carol Burnett. Sam's a sensation. Horse pimple and other infections. Allahu Akbar and one bad knee.
Local fucking news. Emergency response, and all the lonely people.

Documentarian Dinesh D'Souza is here to put the boots to Obama.
Iliza Shlesinger returns to the show to trade videos. Also Matt Paxton is here to tell the Hoarder stories. Smoke, retail and family members.
Iliza's bedroom antics probed. Telecommunication devices mocked.

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Jam: Sam doesn't believe no means no. Jim stays on to talk Brando. Contemporary movie icons? More big guests: Danica Patrick is here.


  1. I wish Opie could have his well deserved viral video, but he was one of the guys that helped Sam to get his popular. I don't think posting a video a guy making a "no trick Basketball trick shot" is going to do the trick in 2012.

    Matt Paxton is a guest I'm looking forward too. Hoarders is one of my guilty pleasures right now. Thank you so much, David!

  2. Matt Paxton was great on Jay Mohr's podcast.

  3. Awesome, I actually enjoyed the 2016 doco.

    Cheers, dude.

    1. Much as I enjoyed Ferinheight 9/11, for the exact same/different reasons.

      Propaganda sells.

    2. It's hardly propaganda when all you're doing is listing facts that mainstream media refuse to touch, unlike Michael Moore who edits the shit out of his "documentaries" just to make his point.

      Truth sells.. truth.

    3. No comparison between D'Souza's 2016 and those Michael Moore films.
      No comparison.
      Moore is obviously making mocking edit-game anti-Bush whatever we get it.
      And yes people can do that same with 'Obama Conspiracy' hack-edit manipulating etc.

      2016 is surprisingly respectful of Obama. It's not what some seem to think. It's almost... you can almost walk away with MORE respect or almost feeling sorry for Obama.
      But no.. 2016 is not a 'micheal moore' type of film.
      It's actually worth seeing if you has zero interest in the election but just wanted an insight into a very big world of anticolonialism, marxist thought in the schools.
      Strangely, I walked away LIKING Obama MORE but also understanding why he ought not be President of the USA.

      Gotta say - Anthony was pretty much right-on with his analysis and it really is worth seeing.
      (I'm guessing it comes out on netflix and piratebay productions soon?)

    4. You leave with more respect and almost feeling sorry for Obama?! Have you even seen it? If anything, you SHOULD leave feeling the need to get this disaster out of office.

      But America won't and you'll get everything you deserve within the next 4 years. Your currency has already been downgrade twice since Obama has been in office, he spends like money grows on trees, made the NDAA law, is happy to show a soon-to-be-dead Chris Stevens yet STILL won't release bin Laden photos.. it's just lies lies lies.

      Enjoy more of the same. I'm not having a political debate on this blog.. it isn't fair to others who simple don't care about this (even though they should).

  4. Matt Paxton is great, his podcast is worth a listen.

  5. Dinesh D'Souza's voice really reminds me of Michio Kaku a bit.


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