26 Sep 2012

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Jew Days. Wind power. Fans love dick in ass. The Romney tell. Future Jimmy has some curious ideas about GPS. More Boston Dynamics fun.
Presidential pretty boy. Katie Sunshine causes hula-hoop fascination.
Gaga food. Double Chip. Madonna is terribly outrageous. Savages. Anthony still doesn't care for Mustard. Lauper, cunt? Creeps.

Steven Van Zandt is back again for another chat with the boys.
'Trick or treat' at Uncle Paul's. The urban arm-swipe. Joe Currie plugs. The reason for Ant getting his hair did becomes aparent ... awkward.

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More female Sirius staff pawed, new-start Ashley on mic. Jim stays-on killing time as he waits for a Carol Burnett photo. Lime disagreement.


  1. Oh shit! Uncle Paul is back. Chippah's always a riot too.

  2. can't wait to hear why ant needed that haircut...

  3. Thank you for having this site and updating shows so fast! You are the best intern they didn't know they had. :)

  4. You'd all be bored if it wasn't for my David!

  5. Dave you need to post the dick will make you slap somebody bit from Ron and fez yesterday. 50 min mark.

  6. The link to the Katie Sunshine video is broken.

  7. Thank you for uploading the broadcastings, now even fans in Holland like me and still follow the show...


    Dave (from the Netherlands)

  8. I will kill all three of them for speaking ill of the Phanatic. Hula-hooping retards come and go, but that big green bastard is a national treasure.

  9. yes i agree thank you so much for taking time to post these


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