11 Sep 2012

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Sad looking Opie, wake-up the radio wizard. Tape-measuring on the radio. Jury duty Jimmy. Anthony's option curse still potent. Solution.

Airport security before and after September 11th. Remembering the mood in the aftermath. People surviving the collapse. Quantum Dice.
Sal's stupid puppet hair. The Honey Boo Boo clan is discussed. Guest booking problems. Bold new WWE storyline presented. Angry Vince.
TV news replay of 9/11 is watched and is commented upon. Publicists and Pete Positive. The Chinese get the short end of the rhyme stick.
Schoolyard verse and little tits. Pentagon replay. Dice at ground zero.

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Sam the entrepreneur. Erock works the big board. Interns versus Sal.


  1. The boy's technical miseries are my comedic joy :D

  2. Hahah.. Sirius XM are the biggest bunch of fucking tight-asses. God I hope a new contract isn't signed.. not unless the show is allowed to finally friggin' breathe.

    Cheers, dude.

    1. I'm still hoping that the show can negotiate a real contract with the company that will give them everything that they need, like having a bigger studio. If they can't deliver on those kind of promises, then O&A have no real reason to continue working for them. I hope they can figure out something if they do decide to leave.

    2. Everytime its contract time they always say there all done but they always sign that contract.$$$ well see, if theres a time to jump "radio/sat" ship its now...

    3. There is a big difference this time around. 3 years ago people would still pay big fees to get 3-4 hours of Jizz-comedy.
      In 2012 and increasingly still - you can download 8 straight hours of jizz-comics free podcasts a day. actually.. many can do more extreme jizz-eating comedy than O&A can,
      there are 20 top-notch comics (doing everything OA do) making $50 a month with their podcasts and would GLADLY take over the OA spot.. for next to nothing. Some probably would for free if only to translate into ticket sales etc.

      Well I'm not claiming to be an expert (tho technically I'm alleged to have been payed to know this kind thing)
      OA don't need to 'jump ships' at all. They just have to decide if they will stay at maybe 1/10th their previous salary or if they prefer a podcast network (which maybe IS better for them).

      btw.. I hate Opie as much as anyone but I have to say he is actually a great captain and steers the show like a pro. credit where its due.

  3. lol nigga stay deleting my comments

    1. What part of this post was it that you struggled to understand?


      I have since asked you why you continued to post in such a manner on other posts, and you refused to respond to the request.

      But now the topic is all about you, happy? Ego stroking for a nobody, which is the only thing that matters, eh?

    2. Tss he just needs some company or sumthin

  4. Listening to Dice at ground zero and Ant's Dice impression cracked me up so much. I wish there was some website I can download some of the pre-XM/2004 O&A material besides YouTube.

    1. spreadtheonavirus.com is the place to go.

      Here's a big bunch of pre-2004 gear:

      classicona/O&A Archived Shows/

      Click your way up the parent directory and you'll find even more stuff.

  5. What's with all the commotion around Tony Siragusa, he sounds like another one of those boring get-my-plug-in guests, or am I wrong? I've never heard of him, sir.

  6. nice work like always. i know u cant do everything but any Ron Bennington material is always appreciated.


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