3 Sep 2012 - Worst Of

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Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston in studio. Opie lyrics, then 'Ice Cuuube' analyzed on the after-show. Jim Breuer storms Denis Leary interview.

Chip goes to ComicalCon, and some BTS for 'go to break Chippah'. Amy Schumer fingered. Chicago live show clips: fat Erock judges the worst breath contest followed by Chip Off The Old Block.
Warren Sapp entertains the boys. Jay 'Woody' Mohrz is on the phone. Whoo Kid brings in a surprise guest... Mike Tyson. Plus bonus audio.


  1. I can't wait for the eventual return of the boys.. Opster should probably lay off on the management bitching for a while.. I thought he only had 2 sick days left that he was saving for when his daughter is born? Guess not

    1. He said last week that the soul sucking, non app working company did the right thing and have him extra days.

  2. Just listened to the replays back from last week, Ant's CB radio stories of waiting for daddy to come home add a whole new adorable perspective to him sleeping to the sound of the police radio scanner...


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