17 Sep 2012

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Sports and cable. Poor chromakey apparently upsets the Muslims. Tyrannosaurus posture, Opie incommunicado, Kardashian critique.
UK tits and US policy. Suicide murderers. Damien Echols anticipated. Occupy this. Oriole memories. Retarded Laverne and Shirley babble.

Richie Sambora in studio. Writing songs, touring, learning the guitar.
Listener feedback. The Sambora daughter is inspected. Phone talk. Mommy Bloomberg knows best: subways and sodas. Jim gives up.

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Dan and Trav struggle to light the phones despite incendiary topics.


  1. Does anyone have Ant and Jimmy's latest appearance on Red Eye posted? I rarely watch Fox News let alone at 3 in the morning.

  2. A little obscure site called youtube


    1. Haw! Ant looks like Bill Schulz with curly hair plugs.

    2. they aren't plugs. they're individual follicles harvested from a donor area and placed artistically in a naturally occurring hair growth pattern.

    3. Whenever he says that, I can't get out of my head that scene in Cable Guy where Jim Carry made that video of Matthew Broderick saying HAIR PLUGS HAIR PLUGS HAIR PLUGS


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