25 Sep 2012

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Football refs. Contract talk. Future Jim learns the Google. Fiddy grand. Triple trouble for Nicole. Erock food error. Gym buddy. Ahmadinejad.
Traffic court and MTA. More dumb shit from the midget Iranian bigot. Paddling causes rods. Megan's improv skills tested. New age bullshit.

Deepak Chopra here to talk a load of cobblers, his son much less so.
Bob Golub next. Youngstown and James Traficant's inexplicable syrup. Moving weight, some prison stories. Getting into comedy. Goodfellas. Hey, Otto is on the phone. 500bucks per Cuban. Plugs and 'pieces.

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The Shit-Monster's activities analysed and Sam does a sports show.


  1. Are we getting set for a "your mom's box" on Friday? I don't understand why Sirius wants them back, they obviously hate the show, and get nothing but (well deserved) shit back from Ope.

    They should emulate Kevin Smith, give away a podcast, but charge for attending the shows. Works for him, and while I enjoy silent Bob even when he yacks (stoned), the content would clearly be superior. And . . . bonus . . . we finally get rid of Sam! Win win.

    1. The reality probably is that Sirius/XM is doing poorly enough that the prospect of losing a significant number of subscribers that are only there for O&A is enough to worry them. Pure speculation on my part, but if they didn't need the subscribers/weren't worried about fans jumping ship, it would be far cheaper for Sirius to make it a random music network with shows hosted by cheap dunces like the delightfully slutty Nicole.

      On the flipside, if they're ready to re-up, it means that either the boys are getting (or being promised at least) some of the rightful upgrades they have been bitching about, and/or they explored the podcasting avenue and determined it wasn't as lucrative as they hoped. All three of them need to keep the income coming in, despite the claims of "fuck you money" that have been made in the past, and dissected accordingly in this here house that David built.

      It's also very possible that the show has indeed benefited from the ridiculously part-time schedule that Howard and co. have adopted. There could also be worry that Howie, who thanks in large part to Sirius does indeed have enough money to tell a handful of countries to fuck themselves could jump ship at any time. Sure, he's 2 years into a 5 year deal, but the man who will sue his employers will also leave on a whimsy and the penalty for a contract break could likely be paid for with the proverbial change in his pockets. So it's a smart move for the company, and smart for the boys if they can/have gotten some assurances from the company in regards to their complaints going forward.

      All of the above is extracted directly from my hind parts and is based on nothing other than educated guessing, but Ant's tone makes it seem like it's a done deal and Opie is not to be believed at all in these situations. Jimmy is just a sweet boy that knows nothing about his maps.

    2. Sounds reasonable. Also, with Opie having kid #2 and Anthony maintaining his spending habits, I think they'll be on for another 2 years.

  2. I'm haven't listened yet, but I'm leaning towards agreeing with @zorro6204. If they hate the fuckin company so much, just fuckin leave when the contract is up. They both, including Jimmy, have enough Fuck You money, that they don't need the Sirius Contract.

    1. I'm in agreement as well. Opie, Ant, and Jimmy are literally millionaires now. Op lives in an apartment in Manhattan while Ant has his mansion out on Long Island. Jimmy makes plenty of money from his own stand up gigs.

      If O&A were to leave SiriusXM, what would become of people like Sam, Danny, Roland, Erock, and all the other staff members that have worked with them over the years?

    2. i dont think they have FU to keep up their life styles. With out the show , Ant wouldn't be hitting the Black jack tables anymore.

      If they did a podcast i see em keeping DAnny (ECK) because thats Ants buddy. Sam I think will be a company man and stay with XM. Erock might get dragging into the podcast type shit from Opie. I have no clue. I just know Travis would hit the fucking bricks. And super hip guy Troy would be a super DJ

  3. He he he, I like opie bitching over management winning any ground.

  4. Everything you'll ever need to know about Deepak Chopra - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itFGIKJfZy4

    I'm surprised the guys haven't played that clip on their show, sounds like something they'd giggle like schoolgirls about.

  5. they will stay on xm..... they dont have the fu money they say they do. The kevin smith model wouldn;t work IMO cause Kevin has other sources of income. books, films, etc. The bbboys dont, jimmy does yes but....

    I'm guessing they sign back up.

    I hope they get rid of roland though. the guest fucking stink. Deepak?!?! for every 1 good guest, like echols. we get 10 shit ones. And they dont even get reallllly shitty ones like steve the whistler, so they can just shit on him.

    IMO they need to stop trying to be "mainstream". Stop trying with the viral shit. They are and always will be a "underground" type show. Stick to what works.

    Fuck the Jersey Shore, Paris Hilton type guests.

    Heh , what do i know?

  6. yeah, they definitely don't have the money they need to be able to say fuck you. and their raking management over the coals bit is just that, a bit. they complain a lot, and there is much to complain about, but in the end i think they probably do take care of a lot of shit behind the scenes.

    sirius really is going down the tubes, so they probably do need the boys. but it's very doubtful that they would ever recognize that fact. they only care about signing big names for big money.

    roland really does need to go though. he's amusing, his manner of speech is enjoyable, but he is a giant asshole apparently and the guests fucking STINK on ice. can't complain though, downloading off this site means i can fast forward through garbage like deepthroat chokedick.

    i miss steve the whistler and that toothpick guy that built structures out of whatever the fuck useless wooden utensils.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they signed a new contract already and are literally going to wait till the end of the show on friday to tell everyone just to fuck with people.

    1. Like the last statement before the show ends like Opie did with the announcement of his second kid coming? I could see that.

  8. I fully agree with everyone who suggests they have and will resign and for all we know making one big 'bit' out of the whole signing controversy,
    they have a very real issue - Sirius is not making the big money.
    All the more reason to sign their top guys? nope. Not with dozens and hundreds of new and ever-improving 'Jizz comics' on podcasts everywhere. For free.

    What if you are Sirius management?
    Sign O&A who lost Patrice and Bobo and shlt on Sirius,
    Lets say replace them them with:
    - Hour 1 Bob Kelly's Jizz Comics Hour.
    - Hour 2 Jay Mohrs Podcast Hour
    - Hour 3 Doctor Steve
    - Hour 4 Vos and Bonnie
    - Hour 5 Comedy Cellar Podcast

    ... and I think I just got most all of them from the Riotcast network.
    How much?
    Basically zero dollars. All of them simply doing their regular podcasts and make cash through sponsors or ticket sales and any cash is a bonus.
    Or any number of Jizz-Comic podcasts. Choose from 30 online for free right now. all the Jizz-eating, jizzing, how to play with your jizz and heck all the 'Pedo-comedy' you want too.
    And that is exactly the same reason why O&A have zero threat in 'going alone' and starting their own podcasts.
    Sure.. they could have a hit podcast/ustream but so what?
    Even Marc Maron and Carolla just make enough to keep it going and rely on appearances or translating popularity into other gigs, sitcoms, reality shows etc.

    Look, I bet everyone here, if you just stop and think about it:
    Even just 2 years ago you subscribed to Sirius because it was the only place you coudl find 4 hours like that crazy jizz comedy!
    Even a year ago.
    But now, you find your spending as much or more time downloading (streaming) at least 6 other podcasts,
    and, IF ANYTHING you are actually trying to find LESS 'Jizz Cringe' for your playlist?
    You have TOO MANY jizz-shock and sick-out gross-out prank hours.

    and if you don't know this yet - don't worry. There are over 700 new podcasts starting up this month.
    300 are hot young babes who do 'suck black cocks' podcasts. 200 are 'name comedians', 189 of those jizz-comics. 200 more free comedy podcasts on conspiracies, 'uncut dicks' and 'what a bunch of gadammm hypocrites those right-wingers are!'.
    All free.

    1. The amount of free, manly comedy content being posted on the Internet is astounding, especially with the comedy podcasts popping up.

      I think SiriusXM paid Howard way too much for his current contract considering how he's still short of a third mic after well over two and a half years after Artie's suicide attempt and how even people on Stern Fan Network complain about how bad his show has become on a regular basis. Maybe they could have used some of that money to get the upgrades O&A wanted when they signed their contract last time.

      The only reason why they wouldn't dare to replace Howard with those podcasts is because he's still a huge name in Sirius executives' eyes despite the lack of actual content on his show.

  9. This whole time I thought I liked comedy. But then I found out it was jizz-comedy. And now it just feels wrong. :(

  10. All I could think was "Love Guru. Love Guru..."


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