31 Oct 2012

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Power, water and trees. Jim suffers a delusion. Clock is ticking. Vos on the phone, he's not fine. Sam pressed for an opinion. Kenny reports.

Let's see if we can get Erock to pick up. Keith the Cop calls. Streetview.
Twitpic forensic analysis begins ... enhance! Compound is vulnerable. More imagery arrives. Sal gets flustered. Time to go back to the tape. Pathological behaviour of a vague fatty. Erock Army takes a black eye.

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A disturbing voyage into the sick and twisted mind of Erik Nagel.

30 Oct 2012 - Afternoon

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OA replay gets broken into, it's 'Afternoon Drive with Gregg and Sam'.

All fine in money-makin' Manhattan, yet boredom stalks the streets. On the couch. No medal for Sal. Johnny Tubesteaks lauded. Podcast.
Music break. The off-playlist music show that Opie always wanted.
Joe DeRosa gets phoned. Christie's fleece, no worries. Agent Bad Bob. Bloomberg's signer. Roland pounded 'em down. Disaster masochism.
Sal is bashed a little more. Erock gets phoned in his rescue rowboat. The Surprise Afternoon show wrapped all nice and tidy. Audi 5000 G.

30 Oct 2012

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Opie, Jim, Sam, Kenny, Sal, Troy and Roland reporting for radio duty.

Ant briefly on speakerphone. Jim is a bad son. Mayors and Governors. Troy thinks turnabout is fair play. Stormtrooping sans Sam and Jess.
Still no phones. Natural disasters make Norton sleepy ... and lonely.
Gay guys love to go stormtroomping. Reports that Jess isn't happy. Shit talk. Erock answers his phone, Sal fumbles and futzes around.
Hero search, scared Kenny. Lost connection. Wease. New radio voice.

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Sam and Jess run the Shit Show. Sal tries to make up for yesterday. Then a forty year old man barges in to talk about shoes or something.

29 Oct 2012

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Storm Central: Apocalypse When? Full house over at the Compound. Bloomberg boner. Rolling down the streets. Jets. Fat fuck in deli panic.

Boys battle news-media panic merchants. A dedicated support staff... and by that we mean two lazy self-entitled assholes. Sam gets busy.
Power-lines. Tit or gut?... smells like lamb. Waiting for that left turn. Jocktober caught up on: 91.5 Beat's breakfast bacon time. Meatloaf.

▶ 2012-10-29-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam and Erock batten down the hatches. Callers discuss work ethic.

27 Oct 2012 - Davey Mac

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Who ya gonna call? That's the LT-way, dawg. Cock fractions. Monster Mash takes a turn. Troubled Waters, piss-stained hypnosis memories.
Dave doesn't know what to think! Zevon qué lo qué. Magnolia angel-voiced sing-song. Lil Penny and big dickhole. Thursday night football.

26 Oct 2012

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'Pinch hitting for Ant and Jim, Tom Papa and Joe DeRosa, rosa, rosa...' Double header today when Top5 radio titan Ron Bennington arrives.
Dead children and the servants. Halloween and fucking in the street. Manual labor and radio men. Backstage. Lutes for older musicians.
Joe the pussy, Tom the animal. The R&F lifeboat game comes to O&A. LedZep thievery. Planes trains and John Candy. Queer for jazzy Zappa.

Tom Green joins the room. Frankenstorm prep and boy scout cock. Drinky-poos and dog-touchers. Jim Jefferies is on the phone to plug.
The food chain. Gold standard and the diamond cartels. JFK/rickshaw. Newfoundland trivia is sought. Callers call and Tom's mom is called.

▶ 2012-10-26-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Kelly Fastuca is Sam's guest. Tom and Opie discuss cameras off-mic.

25 Oct 2012

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Ice/Hockey. Dumb Trump and his announcement is roundly mocked. Dinosaur sing-song. Audio contest continues its slide into not good.
Stalker Patty's thyroid and Asian virgin surgeon. Dinosaurs attacked. Jocktober: 91.5 - The Beat. Dead air and Erock rage. 532 million views.
Brandon Steiner here for reasons which soon become apparent, Jim.

Literal Amy Schumer is next. They all agree that Dave Attell is great. Amy's going all CK. Tig Notaro's tits. Comedy versus pathological S&P. Tom Green gets in the door. Back and to the left. Guilt and mortality.

▶ 2012-10-25-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Inside the Actor's Studio: Opie stays to talk about DeRosa's fat tits. The vanity of youth. Regrets and a crisis of confidence. Honest Ope.

24 Oct 2012

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Bye Mel. Trump trolling. World Series ignored and old retired athletes. Criminal justice, social disorder and twittery reactions = Agitated Ant.
Tiny soda/big government. The Opester didn't puke in a limo. Frisbee. Jocktober: 97.5 Eagle, at the vanguard of revolutionary radio content.
Cleaning house at Facebook. Burned bridge regret. Inattentive Erock, Lightning Sam never misses a chance. Rollercoaster intern. Bobo call.
Mr. Pat Cooper returns to the show to let us all know what's what.

▶ 2012-10-24-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Pat Cooper comedown. Sal's mom is obssessed with Barry Manilow.

23 Oct 2012

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Debate. Sports choke artists. Twitter narcissism and Facebook layout. Dumb Trump. Sleepless Jimmy is all excited about a Jimmy guest.
DL Hughley. Always wary of paedophiles. Marketplace for used kids. Bit of presidential back and forth. Absent fathers and leather jackets.

Wrestling, sci-fi and boxing chat with Paul 'Big Show' Wight in studio. On travelling the planet, and then Sam gets to ask some questions.
Audio of Axl Rose stinks the joint up. Norton gets his prep together.
Peter Criss from KISS is here. Tit-cancer and classic ol' rockstar tales.

▶ 2012-10-23-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Spider Whoo Kid is busy detecting homosexual activity. Web slinging. Jim returns to talk some more Peter Criss. Erock Army Nigga played.

22 Oct 2012

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Opie's procedure. Poker night. Pool-party Rob, and other old interns. Barbara's downfall ... Ant recalls that time when he got raped in court.

Cancer-arms Joe DeRosa in studio. Decades of music, and rock is dead. Radio-friendly, unit-shifting product listened to. The method. Rickles.
Audio contest, the 'not good' folder. Angry Panda live plus Valley Jim.
Joe sniffing round the old chicks, Google Images gets given a workout. He clearly picked the wrong room to try and pull that sort of stunt.

▶ 2012-10-22-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Valley Roland, Sal's superfan search, and the Sirius trucker channel.

Erock Army Nigga

Nagelling-it-up in this bitch, a video for @GHookahs' O&A jingle.

20 Oct 2012 - Davey Mac

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Battle for third mic. Yankees destroy poor ESD. Plans and invitations. Communiqué from Dave's mom. One year celebration, t-shirts go like hotcakes. Dave's got a script on the go. The weird music gets played.
Flyboy! Twincest and Taps. The murder suicide plan. Fallon cuntery.
To receive your ES/DC shirt, please contact : phicks202@gmail.com

19 Oct 2012

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Sports roundup. Anthony in the land of Williamsburg hipster faggots. Yesterday's Jocktober gets revisited. Vos phones. Boys on the news.

Learn about the vast Bimbo Corporation. Of course ice-cream trucks terrorized Ant. Opester at work: Adventures in microwave radiation.
The jingle contest. Favorites replayed and some new favorites. EAN.
Bobo calls. Hutt hole. Nutcase Norton and his specfic requirements. Jocktober: WBEE 92.5 - It's fatso Terry Clifford day. She's the male Fez.
Big disagreement. Opie The Destroyer has lost his mojo. Double act.

▶ 2012-10-19-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Shit Show has jingles too, then Erock trawls his personal archive. Mashup Nicole tries second mic for size. Vivica Fox is Sammy's guest.

18 Oct 2012

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Friendly juice lady. Rodriguez not akbar, Allahu Akbar! Pricey tickets. Ant the Democrat's twitter war. Face/Off and blackface. Guam-mania.
Deer phonecall (plus a genuine one). Jim riffs. Impromptu Jocktober.

Audio contest. Leafy Shepardini. In tha house: Erock army nigga y'all. Early Aftershow. Jim's ego gets bruised by a girl and he lashes out.
Rich Vos will be sorely missed. Jocktober: Magic 93.1 Grand Junction.
Bully big-boys versus plucky small-market radio. Terrible remarks.

▶ 2012-10-18-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Two guys from Paranormal Activity franchise. Ted the Ghosthunter.

17 Oct 2012

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Presidential debate, let's hear what the callers have to say about it.
Yankees and Kennedys discussed. Apple fatigue. The boys and callers grapple the finer points of macroeconomic theory. Not-jingles played.

Sammy dutifully defending Mrs Jay-Z, other Superbowl half-time pop. Jocktober: Hot 99.5 The Kane Show, it stinks. Busy webcam chatroom.
Now listen to more about the Kennedys, Rory Kennedy in the studio.
Ant's post-interview analysis. Various royal families. More not-jingles.

▶ 2012-10-17-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
How to handle Jocktober. Jessiemae Peluso returns to the Shit Show.

16 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-16-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Debate and a Dario Argento reference. The undecided graph people. A-Rod. Classified drone mission, foliage, and Hulk Hulkerson in court.
Rolling Stones break and other songs. Box-office versus Kevin James.  Nerd Obama phoner. Nicki Minaj. On Paul's farm with a red barchetta. Bubba the Cuck's 100mill legal defense is scrutinised at great length.
Vic Henley gets in the door. White pride, Klan rallies and tricky Siri. Jocktober: C103 Breakfast Club - truncated but some lovely holework.

▶ 2012-10-16-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam and a downhearted Erock discuss Hulk. Lea Thompson visits.

15 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-15-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube

The bold Felix Baumgartner and the bold Joe Kittinger. Quinn's fridge. SNL ripping off ONA again, that don't make no sense! Bus lady talks.
Yankee playoff travails. Swollen fingers. Studio catches jingle fever.
Primm, not proper. Jocktober: Dish Nation ... jealousy and confusion.
Henry Winkler returns to the show. Reading, writing and auditioning.
Toilet etiquette. Rocko's 'Letter to Miguel'. Illegal is not legal. Taliban.

▶ 2012-10-15-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Roland-heavy shit show. Mad man Henry Winkler is clearly a problem.

13 Oct 2012 - Davey Mac

▶ 2012-10-13-ESD-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src

Goal-line stand incites republican sectarian violence. Old-man Cousin Brucie, three sewer shot and a concussion. Monkeyboy pricelist puts Pepper's arse in jeopardy. The blacks don't care for poor Daveman.
Banged in 'bama. Mac family cumswap. Prognostication. Acid'n'coke.

12 Oct 2012

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Coyote and sheepdog. Diamond planet. Anthony lays down audio for next Dru Boogie track. Capital gains. Do not distract the bus driver.

Opie talks baby shit then baby cunt. Norton's ridiculous arse antics. Dynamics of plumbing speculated upon. Bill Burr in before the break.
Inside the NFL, MLB travel, NHL fucked. Panicking with the puck. Uppercut replay. Shambolic conspiracy caller mocked. Dangerfields.
Tedious misogyny. Four laaaydees stand around bored as old men clumsily go through the shock-jock motions. Bill emerges unscathed.

▶ 2012-10-12-SS-CF64k.mp3
No Shit Show, Sam left early for Comicalcon.

11 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-11-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
'Double homeruns' - Travis sad, Sterling stinks. Stone Cold ET phones. Ghost. Hulkamaniac Sam Roberts makes his hero go all pissy-eyed.
Jimmy, KISS and Lydon; debates, Barack and Biden. 'Run for it Marty!' Opie flip-flops wildly. Jessie's Girl and Boogie Nights. Fuckin Lohans.
Rejoiner loop causes conflict. Kevin Smith is in studio. Poor ol' Lance pursued by Jimcy. Collectables and broken ballers. Shaggy dog story.

'Jack Dumpey's full of shit!' Christopher Lloyd, rocky start, gets there.
Overtime: Kirk Hammett from Metallica. Nervous Danny. KISS off-mic.

▶ 2012-10-11-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The callers appraise Danny's performance, plus a Ronnie B walk-in.

10 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-10-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Stone Cold ET into a swinging wrestling break and a CM Punk punch. Townshend excuse. Fallon sketch. Stacey Dash anti-collectivist. PB&J.
Brian Wilson on the outs. LOTD. Jocktober: 92ProFM, Giovanni & Kim.
Jim Breuer turns up. Pop nostalgia sing-song. Opening for Metallica. Dude ranch. Going after that kid dollar, big dollar. Lazy stereotypes.

John Lydon. All the usual highly entertaining, iconoclastic bollocks.
Post interview wrap-up, ice-cream truck and home-schooling the kids.

▶ 2012-10-10-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Great moments in show franchising history recalled. Stuffing fat faces. Whoo Kid and Chip Chipperson wander in to talk about photographs.

9 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-09-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
A-Rod continues to aggravate. Dr Gay no go. Big Bird's boss bashed. Sandusky audio. Cold-reading cunts and polystyrene chips, wassat?

Jocktober: 95SX - Tanya, Kelly and Mike The Guy. Sounders and sass. Sam fights-off a rush to judgement. Shameful phone scam. Butt plug.
Bawby and Joe are here. Cake. Book tour treadmill for little to no gain. Red Eye bickering. Baumgartner. Cheat stories. Jimmy's latest photo.
Stone Cold ET video. Jim indignant. Joe arguing with the laydees again. Stanley Tucci is dragged in studio. 18lbs of books. Sam's time nibbled.

▶ 2012-10-09-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Joe, Bob and Sam Show. Intern Anthony and the Puerto Rican fallout.

8 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-08-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Opetta update, wide-eyed Jimmy learns about birthing. Little sodas. Dr Steve phones to discuss ductus arteriosus. Kenny offers a critique.
Baseball playoffs, A-Rod stinks. Towels and hats. SNL Chip is scoped. Op unironically enjoys Katy Perry, Jim still queer for Gaga. Awesome!

Snoop's consequence-free nigger chat. Jocktober: It's Scott and Todd. Horrifying in-studio dynamic, song parody, phone scam, it's all here.
Ant bashes Lennon. Poor Dr Steve caught-up in Jocktober aftermath. Hexcopter altitude calamity and some minor domestic terrorism.

▶ 2012-10-08-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Jocktober arc described by Sam. Hamburgers. Self-destruction.

6 Oct 2012 - Davey Mac

▶ 2012-10-06-ESD-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src

Pepper still has the centaur-AIDS, monkeyboy Roy Schaffer sits-in.
'Where everybody knows your name'. In the oven. Sit quiet Salty Dick. Infield fly rule chaos. Blackface, Cleo and Falling Down drunk. Spooks.
Retraction. Prediction. Boston daydreams. No money, mo' problems.

5 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-05-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Opinions. Debate odds and ends swept-up. Aircraft seats and airlines. Hulk's meat thermos is discussed. Threadbare reality TV, and a pitch.
The lovely Bobby Kelly. Anxiety and balloon fear. Hexcopter drama. Future Jimmy prognosticates. Robot legs and jetpacks. Schilling sock.

Crowd control. Jocktober: it's Bob and Sheri. Livestream. Colin Quinn phones to register a complaint. A bit that refuses to end. Schoolgirls. Enunciation. Rowdy teens, all their hijinks and shenanigans. Piss.
Looping and rhyming. Jerk off procedure. Gauge is Google imaged.

▶ 2012-10-05-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam & Bob show, and Kelly Fastuca too. Intern Anthony's girl is slated. All-balls. A dazzling array of local accents. When fatter Kelly met Bobo.

4 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-04-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Nopie. Dumb nature and trauma. Wistful Ant, doodie cookie Cumia. Touching young girls. Rich Vos is here. Jimmy was a dirty, dirty boy. The unlikely dysfunctional recipe for soaraway radio success.

Vos's movie poster. Big 8 year anniversary, some clips from XM day 1. Plus Patrice being brilliant on Fox. Ann Coulter in studio. Has a book about race-based hypocrisy. Presidential debate given the once over.
Here's the thing: Vos on the Jews and the gays. Third party candidate. Ti West phones. A text message received, a Facebook page attacked.

▶ 2012-10-04-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Second child, fat newsreader and bullying nonsense. The late intern.

3 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-03-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt    ▶ Alt    ▶ Alt    ▶ YouTube
Blaine bashed, poor Chip is concerned. Bullying epidemic out there. Big fatty newslady and Instant Replay deep tracks. Oooh, a teaser.
Baseball train. 'Double-bus motherfucker!' Crimefighter Jimmy audio.

Today's Jocktober, Stan, Heidi & Joe, 107.5 FrankFM stink up the joint. Tom Papa is here, Amy Schumer too. Uncharted territory: Phase V. Recollection of the old days, dealing with dummy Program Directors.
Hustler. Yes, replay the tape, comedian turned irascible crimefighter. Suspicious street package. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

▶ 2012-10-03-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Comedian Jessiemae Peluso is Sam's guest. The science of going viral. Jocktober and prolapses explained. Whoo Kid talks rappers'n'magic.

2 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-02-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
Crutch hunt. Yankees fancy seats. 'Well, people kept ringing the bell'.
Real or fake? Ghost Steve C re-emerges. Jocktober: Ted and Amy 93Q. #1 Hit Music Station talks bacon. Line 'em up. News item déjà vu.
PSA agitates Anthony. The Opester receives harsh criticism. Rappers acting up. REO Rollercoaster. Sam refuses to hear Jay-Z disrespected.
The Morning Malarkey / Bananarama smash-cut. Double Phase-IVs motherfucker. Amy's story causes confusion. Girl's slumber party.

Cary Elwes promoting something. Twister talk. Hammer not dropped.

▶ 2012-10-02-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Intern instant-replay inquest. Sam tries to get to the bottom of it.

1 Oct 2012

▶ 2012-10-01-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ YouTube
An upper-decker re-upper. Bill Burr phones, keeping himself occupied. Pair of drunks. VHS mom and pop days, then Jocktober is anticipated.

Jocktober: The Bull 94.5 in the barrel. Also Katie Sunshine is phoned.
The Brougher, K-Fell and Mac spin their radio gold. Facebook Stage 3. Travis reports on Jack White's hissy fit. Jimmy disgusted. Bieber pukes.
Prepburger plus some vintage holery. Retaliation. A crutch montage. Who's this?! One to the dome on Fox News. Opester's tricky tactics.
Todd Rosken to plug his Russ Meyer short. Jim all hot and bothered.

▶ 2012-10-01-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Jenny Hutt is on the Shit Show. Her vagina is fair game. Psychosis.