16 Oct 2012

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Debate and a Dario Argento reference. The undecided graph people. A-Rod. Classified drone mission, foliage, and Hulk Hulkerson in court.
Rolling Stones break and other songs. Box-office versus Kevin James.  Nerd Obama phoner. Nicki Minaj. On Paul's farm with a red barchetta. Bubba the Cuck's 100mill legal defense is scrutinised at great length.
Vic Henley gets in the door. White pride, Klan rallies and tricky Siri. Jocktober: C103 Breakfast Club - truncated but some lovely holework.

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Sam and a downhearted Erock discuss Hulk. Lea Thompson visits.


  1. Bubba the Cuck's a much better name for him

  2. I must be one of the ten people who remembers Suspiria.

  3. Bubba the Cum Sponge is a terrible liar. It's payback for the shit he talked about O&A years ago. Double Jocktober FTW. Great show today.

  4. Your show run-downs are an art form all their own

  5. Vic Henley played Chip today.

  6. It's Terry Sheppardini...http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f21/mike79cm/YimmySchiavo.jpg


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