27 Oct 2012 - Davey Mac

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Who ya gonna call? That's the LT-way, dawg. Cock fractions. Monster Mash takes a turn. Troubled Waters, piss-stained hypnosis memories.
Dave doesn't know what to think! Zevon qué lo qué. Magnolia angel-voiced sing-song. Lil Penny and big dickhole. Thursday night football.


  1. this sirusxm podcast or thu riot cast show?

    1. It is a recording of the program broadcast on SiriusXM on Saturday night.

      The second hour is a replay of Thursday's podcast show, the first hour is original material, recorded before or after the Thursday show.

      Davey Mac was at the compound for Anthony's Halloween party on Saturdsay night, hence the lack of live show.

    2. GTAJ, was there also a Live from the Compound yesterday because of this? I always thought the Sirius XM broadcast was completely live for two hours.

    3. Yes the ESD SiriusXM is completely live, when Dave and Pepper are there, but they took a day off and went to Anthony's house.

      So last night they played a tape ... and a fucking great tape, anyone not grabbing Davey Mac is missing top-drawer, pure radio entertainment.

      No LFTC, Ant was busy getting drunk and scuba diving in his pool, always a sensible combination.


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