15 Oct 2012

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The bold Felix Baumgartner and the bold Joe Kittinger. Quinn's fridge. SNL ripping off ONA again, that don't make no sense! Bus lady talks.
Yankee playoff travails. Swollen fingers. Studio catches jingle fever.
Primm, not proper. Jocktober: Dish Nation ... jealousy and confusion.
Henry Winkler returns to the show. Reading, writing and auditioning.
Toilet etiquette. Rocko's 'Letter to Miguel'. Illegal is not legal. Taliban.

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Roland-heavy shit show. Mad man Henry Winkler is clearly a problem.


  1. I come here daily, don't say thanks too often... THANKS!

  2. I miss jocktober...I was hoping they would come back strong today, maybe some Terry Clifford?....fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  3. Does anybody out there have the 411 on the perps behind the stolen Norton bits? Who knew about the heist, when and how did they acquire said material, and did the big whigs at SNL give permission to do so? Anyone with some info and tips on how to solve his matter will receive a thumbs up from me and the other O&A-hardcores.

  4. You have my thanks on your house.

  5. The 'Let Me Clear My Throat' jingle made me completely lose my shit during a staff meeting I obviously wasn't listening to.. totally worth the fuse my boss blew.

    Thanks, dude.


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