26 Oct 2012

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'Pinch hitting for Ant and Jim, Tom Papa and Joe DeRosa, rosa, rosa...' Double header today when Top5 radio titan Ron Bennington arrives.
Dead children and the servants. Halloween and fucking in the street. Manual labor and radio men. Backstage. Lutes for older musicians.
Joe the pussy, Tom the animal. The R&F lifeboat game comes to O&A. LedZep thievery. Planes trains and John Candy. Queer for jazzy Zappa.

Tom Green joins the room. Frankenstorm prep and boy scout cock. Drinky-poos and dog-touchers. Jim Jefferies is on the phone to plug.
The food chain. Gold standard and the diamond cartels. JFK/rickshaw. Newfoundland trivia is sought. Callers call and Tom's mom is called.

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Kelly Fastuca is Sam's guest. Tom and Opie discuss cameras off-mic.


  1. awesome, my day just got better. thanks.

  2. Cheers m8, how can this not be a classic?

  3. Op, joey roses, and ronnie b and papa?....this could be awesome...

  4. Ron Bennington, Joe DeRosa, Tom Green, and Tom Papa = Quadruple play and possibly another Spinning Wheel of Comedy Death. This should be a classic. Thanks, sir.

  5. No theyre not the Spinny Wheelers

    1. That's why I said possibly. I never said they would automatically result in a Spinning Wheel show. I've only gotten through about an hour and a half of this show, but I get excited by anything that Ron Bennington's involved in and I like DeRosa a lot.

      It would have been best if Bill Burr had been in studio instead of Tom Papa and his laugh, but it's overall still an enjoyable show in my opinion.

  6. Any news on whether the boys will be in on monday with this whole Frankenstorm thing?


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