25 Oct 2012

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Ice/Hockey. Dumb Trump and his announcement is roundly mocked. Dinosaur sing-song. Audio contest continues its slide into not good.
Stalker Patty's thyroid and Asian virgin surgeon. Dinosaurs attacked. Jocktober: 91.5 - The Beat. Dead air and Erock rage. 532 million views.
Brandon Steiner here for reasons which soon become apparent, Jim.

Literal Amy Schumer is next. They all agree that Dave Attell is great. Amy's going all CK. Tig Notaro's tits. Comedy versus pathological S&P. Tom Green gets in the door. Back and to the left. Guilt and mortality.

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Inside the Actor's Studio: Opie stays to talk about DeRosa's fat tits. The vanity of youth. Regrets and a crisis of confidence. Honest Ope.


  1. Burn em up for p hicks and the dogsies!

  2. Thanks buddy! Tom Green was actually the reason why I started listening to O&A after he appeared on the show a couple years ago. Big fan. I even know his stalkers by first name basis (hello Derek!). They didn't mention his special that aired on Showtime some months ago, it's really good! The first half hour had me howling, I don't think he was ready to do a whole hour, but let's not nitpick, he's been only doing stand-up full time for about two years now. Why am I still typing? I just wanted to recommend his special, go watch it!

  3. I never understood the hate for Schumer...Her most recent standup was funny..she looks good and shes a dirty girl...nothing wrong with that

  4. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcf3xz75ZS1qznvi3o1_r1_500.jpg

    My fat wife Susan eats this by the pint using my metal legs as spoons.


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