29 Oct 2012

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Storm Central: Apocalypse When? Full house over at the Compound. Bloomberg boner. Rolling down the streets. Jets. Fat fuck in deli panic.

Boys battle news-media panic merchants. A dedicated support staff... and by that we mean two lazy self-entitled assholes. Sam gets busy.
Power-lines. Tit or gut?... smells like lamb. Waiting for that left turn. Jocktober caught up on: 91.5 Beat's breakfast bacon time. Meatloaf.

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Sam and Erock batten down the hatches. Callers discuss work ethic.


  1. I'm sorry to say this, but FUCK SAL! His days on The Opie and Anthony Show are numbered and he'll soon have to face his mom's box. I hate that entitled little cunt so much.

    Rant over. Great show today.

  2. I apologize for the first comment I made and it wasn't made out of any real hatred for today's show or intentionally trying to violate the rules you've established to prevent this place from becoming another Wackbag. Personally, I thought the phone call between the boys and their support staff made for hilarious radio, but I was remembering what kinds of comments were left when you posted the Troy vs. Joe DeRosa argument and how those were in context to what happened that day.

    Anyways, Ant would make for a much better meteorologist than anyone on The Weather Channel, including Al Roker. That Hurricane Sandy hasn't made one damn complete left turn yet.

  3. Awesome man, thank you!

  4. Spoiler - The two lazy self-entitled assholes are Troy and Sal. I almost want to give the elder hipster-douche a pass, just because he actually is productive when he does work. Troy also has paid some dues with the show. Sal however is just a waste of salary for SiriusXM. He is just an excuse maker to the Nth degree, almost pathological.

  5. Thanks again, good sir.

    This storm is a joke. My dick can make more of a mess than this.

  6. lil disappointed they didn't give troy a good smashing.... one day that shoe will drop, i can feel it. Joe Of Roses almost got that ball rolling.

  7. Man was anthony wrong about that left turn....Pat from moonachi must be on the roof of his trailer (if it will support all that weight). Guessing there is no show today (10/30)?


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