13 Oct 2012 - Davey Mac

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Goal-line stand incites republican sectarian violence. Old-man Cousin Brucie, three sewer shot and a concussion. Monkeyboy pricelist puts Pepper's arse in jeopardy. The blacks don't care for poor Daveman.
Banged in 'bama. Mac family cumswap. Prognostication. Acid'n'coke.


  1. I temporarily don't have cable at my house because Comcast disconnected it, so I missed Rich Vos' appearance on ABC's Primetime: What Would You Do yesterday. Has it been posted anywhere on YouTube or another website?

    Thanks for all these Davey Mac downloads. It's officially the best show on The Opie and Anthony Channel besides O&A themselves. Possibly the best sports show ever and I don't even care that much for sports!

  2. Here's some clips; http://thecomicscomic.com/2012/10/12/abcs-what-would-you-do-the-stand-up-crowd-work-edition/


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