18 Oct 2012

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Friendly juice lady. Rodriguez not akbar, Allahu Akbar! Pricey tickets. Ant the Democrat's twitter war. Face/Off and blackface. Guam-mania.
Deer phonecall (plus a genuine one). Jim riffs. Impromptu Jocktober.

Audio contest. Leafy Shepardini. In tha house: Erock army nigga y'all. Early Aftershow. Jim's ego gets bruised by a girl and he lashes out.
Rich Vos will be sorely missed. Jocktober: Magic 93.1 Grand Junction.
Bully big-boys versus plucky small-market radio. Terrible remarks.

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Two guys from Paranormal Activity franchise. Ted the Ghosthunter.


  1. I hope they don't pick on the poor little 93.1 too much. They should have a month of healing all the hurt they do after JocktoFUCK THAT

  2. I wish someone a lot more talented than myself would put Op's sleeping mosquito baby story together with Ant's rapey dreams for a yiiingle.

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    1. Both links? Main and Alt?
      What does it say, or what happens when you click?

      The main link already has 1300 downloads marked against it so it does work, but it's not outside the realm of possibilities for there to be a HulkShare problem, it has happened before.

    2. Both links for days now and i get a download unsuccessful message

    3. Is it a phone or mobile device? A work PC
      Both links are from providers completely unrelated to each other, for the same error from both suggests something a lot more local.

      Anytime in the past where there has been a problem with links, the comments here light up instantly. Not heard anything else yet.

    4. I don't use any devices, but if you mention what one, and how you access the site, maybe someone with a similar setup could offer advice.

    5. No thanks swicthed device working now

  4. I created the Erock Army Nigga one, Its an honor to make the show rundown...I can't believe I missed this live.. Im white and Sam said I sound like Young Jeezy nigga

    1. Yes! I love it! I thought you also did the Radio Wizard one but I miss-heard. As it looks now that's your only competition! GL bro :)

  5. Sterngeek has yesterdays Ron and Fez. I dunno man - I think he records. Keep up it up D-Train.

    1. I would highly doubt that, babycakes. The O&A/After shows are from here, and Ted misses an R&F and coincidentally that day it doesn't show up on sterngeek for 24 hours.

      You've seen the laundry list of shows he redirects to, you don't really believe he's sitting there recording all of them do you?

    2. How did he get yesterday's show then? If he is ripping you off - do a little test - insert a fart somewhere in your recording and check if it is on his. Please also consider giving us a heads up on who is on jocktober. I have shit (literally) that i wanna post on facebook.

    3. I prefer not to use terms such as 'ripping off', we are all equally stealing content from SiriusXM, so no-one gets to act as if their shit don't stink.

      From the outset, my point has simply been that all the people that use files from here or Ted's (the private and public torrent uploaders, the youtube guy, the twitter accounts) without making it clear to their visitors that they are all using the exact same file, definitely confuses the issue as to how healthy or not the O&A recording eco-system is.

      How fragile the supply chain is, there aren't a dozen backups out there, you've got the same file replicated a dozen times.

      I haven't done the rounds to check where his Ronnie B was sourced, maybe he did record an OnDemand version, maybe it's up on newsgroups or a private tracker by now. That particular file isn't really the point, it's more about people regarding middlemen sites as being legitimate backup sources, when they aren't quite.

      I don't waste much time on it, or lose any sleep, but I do roughly know how many versions of the file posted here shows up elsewhere, and it's frightening, it's not a healthy or reliable situation

      ... and yeah, the O&A files I checked were sourced from here - but like I say that's not the point.
      (Although the redirects and adverts required to jump thru were thoroughly obnoxious, that we all can agree on).

  6. Sal needs to man up. He is the new guy and the new guy always gets the shit work everyone else wants to drop from their plate. It's called paying your dues, making your bones, putting in WORK.

    Erock Army Nigga!!

  7. I made the Erock's fat yyyyiiiiingle at 1:45:20. So stoked that it made the show and so thankful to this site for giving me the chance to listen.

  8. boy anthony and jim really got bitter over a girl not wanting to date creepy older men. which they are. i remember when she came on the show, they were tripping all over their dicks like they do with every single model, minor actress, female intern, or fan's girlfriend that comes in. puts the brakes on the show every time.

    to call her a bitch because she's not into you or your money like sooooooo many younger women is sour grapes man. the numbers are still in their favor but they get upset over this one.

    that's why i miss patrice, he had a lot of game that anthony and jim never really learned to take on themselves.

  9. Tired Jimmy is easily my favorite of all the different shades of Jimmy, his riffing on the deer woman was hilariously brutal.

    Good to see Jocktober getting the recognition it deserves too - http://t.co/YKavopvh

  10. I've been listening to ONA for about 12 years now & I will absolutely say Yimmy's blasting of "Dana-The Ron & Fez Intern" is right up there in the Top T-H-R-E-E of ONA moments.

    She sounds like a fuckin' braindead bint when she's talking with Ronnie about Ant's really being 30 & not 60 .....

    Plus, Jimmy & Ant's expression of thier quote "feelings for the community" unquote is a close 3.b! lolololol


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