2 Oct 2012

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Crutch hunt. Yankees fancy seats. 'Well, people kept ringing the bell'.
Real or fake? Ghost Steve C re-emerges. Jocktober: Ted and Amy 93Q. #1 Hit Music Station talks bacon. Line 'em up. News item déjà vu.
PSA agitates Anthony. The Opester receives harsh criticism. Rappers acting up. REO Rollercoaster. Sam refuses to hear Jay-Z disrespected.
The Morning Malarkey / Bananarama smash-cut. Double Phase-IVs motherfucker. Amy's story causes confusion. Girl's slumber party.

Cary Elwes promoting something. Twister talk. Hammer not dropped.

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Intern instant-replay inquest. Sam tries to get to the bottom of it.


  1. Does "hammer not dropped" mean that they don't ask Cary Elwes about THE FINGER OF GOD?

  2. Let the Jocktober howling and hilarity begin.

  3. I love Jocktober, was really funny yesterday with those Canadians in the bull pit lol... lets see what they have in store today, thanks fo rthe upload guys

  4. Came across this "Totally Looks Like" of Jim Norton https://i.chzbgr.com/completestore/12/9/29/XAVoWU1qaEqKGrxB1AR-ow2.jpg

  5. Cary Elwes is enraging. His feeble attempts to derail Jimmy are reminiscent of his attempts to replace the intensity of Jim Carrey's THE CLAW!™ in Liar Liar.

    And the Dice response: "That explains ev-ery-thiing"
    Please burn your vocal cords with scalding coffee, Elwes, you fairy.


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