30 Oct 2012 - Afternoon

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OA replay gets broken into, it's 'Afternoon Drive with Gregg and Sam'.

All fine in money-makin' Manhattan, yet boredom stalks the streets. On the couch. No medal for Sal. Johnny Tubesteaks lauded. Podcast.
Music break. The off-playlist music show that Opie always wanted.
Joe DeRosa gets phoned. Christie's fleece, no worries. Agent Bad Bob. Bloomberg's signer. Roland pounded 'em down. Disaster masochism.
Sal is bashed a little more. Erock gets phoned in his rescue rowboat. The Surprise Afternoon show wrapped all nice and tidy. Audi 5000 G.


  1. Wow, this is a surprise treat! Thanks again man.

  2. You are more awesome then I ever imagined. I sitting there reading the twitter thinking "no possible way the replay is getting recorded for no reason, this will be lost to the ether."

  3. Holy moly! thanks for going the extra mile!

  4. apparently opie tweeted this. was it all hatches down for the recording? 'was at a resturant, when opie suddendly tweets f it be live in 30 min. I bolted without paying' or was it. 'I don't leave my computer' just curious..

    1. Saw the tweet, the PC that usually does the recording happened to be on doing some other stuff, so I just had to Remote Desktop into it from a laptop and start.

      So was lucky I s'pose, although I would have been able to rewind the webplayer a few hours and grab it later so there was plenty of time if it didn't work it as smoothly as it did.

      The main risk was thinking the Opester was hoaxing, and then not bothering to record.

  5. how fucking great was this? even greater that you caught it and was able to post? best website ever, run by a truly dedicated fan.


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