23 Oct 2012

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Debate. Sports choke artists. Twitter narcissism and Facebook layout. Dumb Trump. Sleepless Jimmy is all excited about a Jimmy guest.
DL Hughley. Always wary of paedophiles. Marketplace for used kids. Bit of presidential back and forth. Absent fathers and leather jackets.

Wrestling, sci-fi and boxing chat with Paul 'Big Show' Wight in studio. On travelling the planet, and then Sam gets to ask some questions.
Audio of Axl Rose stinks the joint up. Norton gets his prep together.
Peter Criss from KISS is here. Tit-cancer and classic ol' rockstar tales.

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Spider Whoo Kid is busy detecting homosexual activity. Web slinging. Jim returns to talk some more Peter Criss. Erock Army Nigga played.


  1. got a mention for your video today ha!

    1. yup yup.

      Fortunately I don't think Sirius legal listen to the show, or watch O&A youtube clips, so we should be OK here.

    2. The mention of the video gave me a brief pause, but I unclenched when I figured the same thing regarding the SXM suits. Fingers shall remain crossed though.

      Something tells me that even if the boys clicked the GTAJ link and discovered this wondrous place that not a single fuck would be given. After all, they don't make money per listener and for a sweet boy like Jimmy, the more exposure the better. GTAJ Army nigggggggguh!

  2. Is Kiss bashing okay in the comments?

    I don't know if it should be because I might not be able to stop.

  3. good show today ..thanks for ur work...opie gets the lube..jimmy preps the bull..good ol cockle party

  4. I can't believe that the Boyz did not play "Stone Cold ET" for the big show.

    Would have made for great radio!

  5. I got around to listening to the part near the beginning where "sleepless Jimmy is excited about a Jimmy guest" where he talks about Criss, I was about to fast forward, until he reads directly from the book Peter Criss wrote about not wanting to even go to dinner with Kiss for the reunion tour because Gene was an asshole who would kiss every waitress's hand and invite them to his hotel room and wear his "stupid Kiss hat" to cover up "his awful balding weave" and it was so brutal suddenly with horror I realized I might actually have to listen to that Peter Criss interview.

    I mean I figured it was going to be like the boys interviewing Billy Squire (an equal talent to Kiss easily no contest, A LOW BAR INDEED) but now it's like hearing them interview Billy Squire talking about what assholes Hall and Oates were.


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