5 Oct 2012

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Opinions. Debate odds and ends swept-up. Aircraft seats and airlines. Hulk's meat thermos is discussed. Threadbare reality TV, and a pitch.
The lovely Bobby Kelly. Anxiety and balloon fear. Hexcopter drama. Future Jimmy prognosticates. Robot legs and jetpacks. Schilling sock.

Crowd control. Jocktober: it's Bob and Sheri. Livestream. Colin Quinn phones to register a complaint. A bit that refuses to end. Schoolgirls. Enunciation. Rowdy teens, all their hijinks and shenanigans. Piss.
Looping and rhyming. Jerk off procedure. Gauge is Google imaged.

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Sam & Bob show, and Kelly Fastuca too. Intern Anthony's girl is slated. All-balls. A dazzling array of local accents. When fatter Kelly met Bobo.


  1. Future Jimmy + Crimefighting Jimmy = RoboJimmy

  2. This has been an excellent week in radio. Two Anthony and Jimmy shows in a row and two comics' Facebook pages trashed and plus the birth of Opetta Gregoria Hughes has made it even more exciting.

    I can't believe Ant had never heard of The Young Turks before today though. He's so into reading all these far right and far left sources for his news and pretty much anything he can find.

  3. god damn you get this shit up fast. cheers.

    Sheri looks to be the first hole who isn't a fatty pig fatty.

  4. depenable like always.thanks..can i bitch about my girlfriend here and how she drives me nuts.its better then bitching about whos on the show.people need to relax and just enjoy the ride that is the O & A show. Yesterdays comments blog was nuts. We Need To Appreciate Admin. hes a stands alone sharer..getting everyshow everyday and then some and there always on time on top of that. can u name another site that does what he does for free????.fan since WAAf "1st boston gig days" thank u for allur workd ..im am definately appreciates it

    1. It's not appreciation, that wasn't really the point yesterday. But cheers.

      It's the thought-process involved in people listening to something that clearly they don't enjoy very much, running to the internet to tell people (that absolutely do not care) how much they didn't enjoy it, and then doing the same thing next day, everyday.
      It is fucking ridiculous behaviour. It is embarrassing.

      Compared to other O&A forums, threads or shoutboxes, this place is fine, but I am determined to ensure this site will not end up like other sites. It won't happen, so they can stop trying.

      I do get that it's the easy, safe option. To follow everyone else to messageboard mode and act the embittered angry cunt. It requires no genuine commitment or risk, you're not putting yourself out there.

      ... But apart from perverse ego-massage, a defective sense of self-validation via impotent spite, I don't get what the tangible benefit is supposed to be for anyone involved.
      What anyone else is supposed to learn or use to their advantage from this tired-out and tedious pattern. No matter what way you try to analyse it, it refuses to make any sense.

      It's 2012 on the internet, comment-thread hate, we've seen it all before, any novelty long-since expired.

    2. You are very eloquent, sir. You don't read eloquence much in internet forums nowadays. Kudos.

  5. Mr. Admin - out of dim curiosity: were you born and/or raised in England? A one-word answer will suffice.

    1. One word you say .... nope

      - David

    2. I pride myself on my ability to accurately pinpoint somebody's birthplace with little or no clues. Today my "gift" apparently isn't working.

  6. Thanks for yet another week, dude.


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