11 Oct 2012

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'Double homeruns' - Travis sad, Sterling stinks. Stone Cold ET phones. Ghost. Hulkamaniac Sam Roberts makes his hero go all pissy-eyed.
Jimmy, KISS and Lydon; debates, Barack and Biden. 'Run for it Marty!' Opie flip-flops wildly. Jessie's Girl and Boogie Nights. Fuckin Lohans.
Rejoiner loop causes conflict. Kevin Smith is in studio. Poor ol' Lance pursued by Jimcy. Collectables and broken ballers. Shaggy dog story.

'Jack Dumpey's full of shit!' Christopher Lloyd, rocky start, gets there.
Overtime: Kirk Hammett from Metallica. Nervous Danny. KISS off-mic.

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The callers appraise Danny's performance, plus a Ronnie B walk-in.


  1. Glad to hear Jimcy is on the case....

  2. I missed the first two hours of the show. You sir, are God.

    Maybe now that Opie's a Romney supporter, he can join Ant and Jimmy on Red Eye. He's joined the 'dark side' of politics for sure.

    1. Joined the dark side? Might be a little color blind there buddy.

  3. boy, that christopher lloyd sounds like he's really getting up there in years.

  4. hey guys anyone know if the live stream feed is removed? Has been down a few days.

  5. The tree is on your house, Bubba.

  6. Loved Kirk Hammett's perpetual Steve C impersonation.

  7. one of the best shows in a long time ..thanks again for ur services

  8. Kirk Hammett!! I haven't been this jealous of a member of the show since Sam met Rob Zombie.. lucky fucker.

  9. Even with the assuring recap by our gracious host, the first minute or two of that Lloyd interview brought on a very palpable "ohhhh noooo, this doesn't end well" suspicion, but it ended up being great, IMO. Very good week so far, and assuming Bobby and Joey Roses were correct about a Billy Burr appearance tomorrow, a strong week indeed.

    Also, did anyone else not even notice the lack of jocktober until well after the show? Definite sign of a winner if the abuse of airwave hacks that I enjoy far too much is absent and unnoticed.

    And as always, double guns Nightvid, tss.

  10. Yeah the stream is down, does anyone know where its moved to?

  11. I don't know why i was thinking of Kevin Smith was Kevin Hart. They don't even remotely like alook!

    Well maybe if you are LAPD.


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