4 Sep 2012

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Computer problems and a broken system. Jim criticizes Travis in his absence. Sam the chiselling island hopper is discussed at great length.
Florentine turns up. Jets wildcat. Fantasy football bashed, the callers beg to differ. Take it to the commish. Intern boss Erock loses control.

More from Florentine's shitty old notebook. The mellifluous tones of Geoffrey Rush are in studio. All that acting and dressing up malarkey.
Ant a victim of chemistry. Pop band Matchbox20 eventually show up.

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Five minutes in the company of Sam Roberts.


  1. When was the last time Jim Florentine was in studio? This should be interesting.

  2. i wanna make hot monkey love to you for keeping this site alive

  3. i wanna make hot monkey love to you for keeping this site alive

  4. 18 shows left...

    thanks mannnn, I've been waking up to your uploads all summer, it's been a delight!

  5. thank you. i was having live show withdrawal.

  6. Florentine's Fantasy football name would be Florenteam or something.

    Anyone else think his voice sounds a bit like Moe Szyslak?

  7. Definitely want to catch the last 3 weeks because I think there will be a lot of 'old friends dropping by' (I hope less bands and more comics). I guess last big plugs for best friends too.
    Anyone else hearing rumors that Tom Papa (and someone else) has something to do with replacing OA spot?

    1. If Op & Ant will not continue with SiruisXM, I wonder what will happen to Ron & Fez. The channel named after Opie & Anthony probably will cease to exist and Ronnie with the boys should be moved to a different one. RawDog maybe.
      If these rumors You speak of do come true and Papa replaces O&A, I won't listen to that. I know I shouldn't bash anyone here, but Papa stinks on the radio. That is the worst case scenario for me. I really hope that they continue the show.

    2. With the amount of content they drag out of the fucking underlings (Sam, E-Rock, Roland,Troy, blah blah blah) there's no way they're going to go the podcast route because they will have nothing to talk about.

  8. "Fantasy football bashed" means I gotta listen.

    The callers begging to differ part hopefully means that callers are ALSO bashed. ^_^


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