27 Jan 2012

▶ 2012-01-27-O&A-CF64k.mp3
Sam learns about how the workplace used to be, Mad Men style fucking around ... and then moonbases.
Brief return of the bold Jay Mohr, Wheel Of Fortune and Romney's money. Donald Trump Jr sits in Jimmy's seat, Superbowl analysis and Republican strategy talk.
Adam Ferrara appears, so some car talk. Trump reports back on what he has learned from international travel. Fake reality TV, junk food and air-flight as we wrap things up.

▶ 2012-01-27-SS-CF64k.mp3
Opie explores the meaning of friendship with Sam and Mars. The Nagel family mansion. Sam recalls that DL Hughley bought David the intern a hand-job, and against Opie's wishes WhooKid is back.
You get all that and a Ronnie B walk-in too.


  1. Awesome. Thanks, fella.

  2. You're alright sir. When Lil Jimmy isn't in the studio is when I really miss Patrice the most.

  3. Same here, Flintskins. There is no substitute for Patrice's greatness.

    1. There's no way of getting away from it, that one stung.


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