31 Jan 2012

▶ 2012-01-31-O&A-CF64k.mp3 
Superbowl radio-row and commercials. Old radio promotions and flim-flam. A Drew Barrymore whale film.
The late Jim Norton. Unhealthy family environments and a young Sam movie. Donkey semen drinky poos, and some network TV dolt that still doesn't get it. UFC homage to a 40 year-old wrestling bit.
Steven Van Zandt in studio, he shot a Netflix TV show in Norway
... Roland hovers like a creep.
The boys don't come back from last break.


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    1. You were talking about problems with MediaFire I believe...

      ... I checked it just now and it looked OK.

      But it took three attempts to get the file uploaded this morning, it shit the bed at 90% twice.
      I also think Ted's O&A Emporium had upload hassle with Mediafire today. So something must obviously be up.

      I have added another source link, above, and we'll see what happens tomorrow. Cheers for letting me know.

  2. No sweat. I'd killed the last comment because it had finally started to dl, but when I checked it, it was only 17.9mb, which I know isn't right. Redownloading now.

  3. ....aaaaand this one seems to be good. Thanks a bunch, Unnamed Admin.

    1. I have flushed the Mediafire link down the toilet, and we'll keep the good Hulkshare one.

      All the best,


  4. Great work David. You are a trooper.


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