2 May 2012

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The working week re-examined and Sam's Ripken interview assessed. Haters get told, Cleveland bridge bombers and Osama. Laughing Tom Papa shows up. Planes, teeth, and props on ABC News? Twitter tho.
Opie redesigns education for an information age, Rocky Horror nerds. Nostalgia for old-fashioned smut. Kitten Natividad. Tom Papa laughs.
Benny Hill versus Monty Python. Natividad redemption attempted by way of Russ Meyer. (sidenote: Cramps playing Napa Mental Hospital).
Playmates, nostalgia, phone zombies and the lost art of conversation. Is Betty White DTF? JLC point of contention. Lisa Rinna's Depends ad. Time is a cruel, harsh mistress: Kellys LeBrock and McGillis inspected.

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Danny believes Tom Papa is getting better. Erock is on tech support. Taylor Hicks is the big get for Sambo. Classic tape played of Jay Mohr.


  1. Great recap as always, thank you sir!

  2. Fantastic recap D-Train. Do another one of those downloading location map thingies. Ok thankya darling. God bless.


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