7 May 2012

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Sick Ant out, sick Jim in, pertussis is discussed. New York City wildlife. Dr Steve phones to talk antibiotics and black holes. Adam Yauch.
Avengers box-office and franchising. Kneecaps. We catch-up with all the Cleveland drama shooting the special. Unions, cues and Sabbath.
Bawby! Its Bob Kelly. Dumb bandoliers. Audience co-ordinator cunts. Kitten lover Kurt Love calls. The Throne Dance. Family stuff, crazy cults and eye-watering wedding bills. UFC up-sum. Boxing at Bruce.
A mob hit gets hastily put out and Angry Chip is ferociously ignored. Tall buildings, acrophobia and the pull-ups. Experimental live-read.
Bobby and Opie stay on for overtime, eating into Sam's valuable time.
Show rudely merges into semi-Shit Show. Chazz Palminteri in studio.

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The Sam & Robert Show. 10 minute chat on the fickle finger of fate.


  1. WELCOME ABOARD! yimmy's back!

  2. Hey guy-that-runs-this-blog, you've got to give us a nickname because, frankly, Gregg, Tony And Jim is unwieldy and unsightly.

    How can you be duly recognized for your greatness without a proper moniker?

    I suppose we can just go with GTJ, as uninspired as it may be...

    1. Hey there, usually just stick with plain ol' David.

      But that's mainly for the "You'd be dead now if it wasn't for my David" line, which always works, all the time.




  3. I wonder if Ant is majorly hung over from the weekend. Don't know if anyone on here caught his late night drunken tweets to Stetten Saturday night...

    1. Yeah, I saw those. I guess that ship has sailed on some 17 year old strange (legal in NY). He had some horrid looking 'tang in his jacuzzi (twitter pic). That's not what I've come to expect from him. He must have been truly hammered.

  4. Any chance of making a small forum for show discussion? I imagine it would be much more civilized around here than the "wackbag" and shit like that. I think it would be cool to have a small forum to discuss each days show.

    1. It ending up just like Wackbag (a few people talking talking to themselves how absolutely everything the show does aggravates them in some way) is pretty much the reason I haven't bothered doing one.

      Your namesake at Ted's O&A Emporium is built on a messageboard. He's having some occasional reliability issues just now, but hopefully temporary.

      And if anyone wants to put one together for themselves, I can add a link and give it a plug.

  5. Opie is a douche for hanging up. Some people understand very easy astrophysics.


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