1 May 2012

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Sam receives a reprimand. The extent of Troy's 'whatever' is explored. Roland craves subway-based external validation. Dress montage.
Amy Schumer is here. Dogs and kittens and racism. Missing testicles and stone dykes. Sucking beast cock. Titty Twister and dealertainers.
Bear Grylls shows up. Entertaining tales of ice, enema and mosquito.
Studio is still smitten with manly Bear after he leaves. The mini go-bag.
Warren Littlefield up next, former NBC executive. Quick run through all the famous shows he was involved with. No Seinfeld references?

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Sam has a chance to exercise his basic sports knowledge. Cal Ripken Jr is guest. An old Roland tape is played. Phones for interview feedback.


  1. Just dropping in to say that you're doing the Lord's work with these timely uploads. Thank you.

  2. You're a gentleman and a scholar!

  3. tsss, doing the lord's work? yay!! can you cure my venereal diseases or sumptin'

  4. I guess it's time you and I call a truce, David.

    Thanks for the download.

  5. I love that Amy mentioned Arrested Development, probably the best comedy series in the past 15 years. I would love to hear what Warren has to say about how Fox totally fucked up with that show.


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