30 Apr 2012

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Jimmy is in Los Angeles for the week, editing and stuff.
Cleveland road-trip is summarized. Empty streets, basic TV and goat. Troy the unlistenable misogynist cunt is here to spoil your morning.
Some strip club stories sort of, uncool weirdos and Ant loses shirt.
No superheroes for the Opie & Anthony Show? ... Franchise that shit.
Memories of franchise past, Stinky and Spaz and BBC interview. Some creep's perv switch goes off. Interview prep. Obama reads more jokes.
Another not a superhero interviewed. Scarlett, Enterprise and Knicks.

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Opie briefly stays to test Sam's basic sport knowledge. Hateable Matt at the Cleveland show. We then get to hear about Kenny on the road.


  1. Stupid Opie doesn't know shit about the Knicks but insists on talking about them ALL the time. Save it for the sports channels.

  2. Thank you sir, I appreciate it!

  3. Remember when Opie was complaining for weeks on how stupid the Jets were for firing Mangini a couple of years ago? He knows less about sports than almost anyone but pretends to be knowledgeable.

  4. haha, Sam and Erock are better at O&A than O&A.

  5. Why does the mp3 cut off and go to blind pig audio? When they talk about the perv switch.

    1. At what time exactly do you hear the problem?
      I just downloaded it (Hulkshare link) and checked roughly where you suggest but so far can't find anything wrong.

      The file has been grabbed 3,500 times so far, so for now I'm gonna play the odds and suggest it could be a hard-disk or player problem at your end.

      For now, re-download and try again, and let me know how you get on.

    2. Something must've screwed up when I transferred the file to my phone. Because I came home and listened to it and it was fine. Sorry.

  6. Was I the only one annoyed about Opie whinging about the Avengers? That whole segment was awful to listen to

  7. Loki does good impressions.


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