17 Apr 2012

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Axes'n'Taxes day, Stern's lawsuit, hoo-hoo, and PrepBurger makes us feel quite unwell. Barnacle information, plane rape and cunt hair.
Romney party maniac, Bob Beckel, Rosie's big flabby tits. "There's a person!", a botch of TV-news dolts. Podcasts, horses and Shit Shows.
A Jersey Shore rube in studio. Nothing of consequence to report.
Vic Henley is happily alcoholic. Talks about his asshole deadbeat dad. Cops kill a murderer. Midas mufflers, ex-wives and on the road.
Austin curfew stinks, blue-collar backstory and the space-program.

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Erock goes "eugh!". Club Soda Kenny sings the pops. Whoo Kid.


  1. Thank you for not putting all their production in your recordings, How many times do we have to hear Bobo Cop?

  2. Why thank you sir. You're a special boy.

  3. thanks. again. and again.

  4. Thanks, your the 1st place I go when I boot up the comp.

  5. Edgar shows up at about 1:10:00 to tell people to shut up.


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