6 Apr 2012

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A widow lands a plane. The 'broads in the workplace' bit finally gets a Mad Men bed played under it. Tim skypes the show from Afghanistan
Chip was on Hannity, Zimmerman audio is enhanced and McDonalds millionaire update. Some celeb horseshit then Clint Hill anticipated.
Some lady needs to buy a new suit. Marion Barry is still a dumb cunt. Walkmen & nailguns. Troy doesn't think himself a pompous asshole.
Secret Service agent Clint Hill in studio to describe JFK assassination.
Almost time to go 'o-o-ome. Show is wrapped-up all nice and tidy.

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Erock's prizebin is cleared out. Mashup Nicole got ragdolled last night. A healthy Tara Reid on VH1. Sam receives a Wrestlemania pile of shite.


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