4 Apr 2012

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Visual Elements™ Galore: The Mondo Topless is watched and enjoyed, LFTC Twisterception, TV meteorological friction, and Holy Moly!
Erock a racist? Wrestling gimmicks, giants, put overs and shitty pants.
Minaj a cunt? The McDonalds demographic shift and lottery fantasist. Ant secretly digs ebony chick flicks. Roland saw Bruce again.
The gum. Gay porn priest. Beatles 2.0 poo-pooed, Yoko takes the piss. Burger 911 call, Grand Canyon to Titanic newsreel in a single bounce. Antarctic exploding iceberg. Visual Element™ concludes for the day.

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The brains trust works the problem of getting Bobo to Cleveland.


  1. Holy balls that was fast. Respeck, yo.

  2. They do call him the uploading kid! Thanks!


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