5 Apr 2012

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Opening day, Mets and Marlins. Crowd goes holy fuck as Muhammad Ali is wheeled-out. Coupla guys phone-in to disagree with Jimbo.
Top quality gear at the dentist. Mega Millions McDonalds lady. Crispy chicken hoo-haa. Free-expression ramifications and repercussions.
No girls allowed, equality, and taking your chances on the golf course. Strong-grip swiffer. The Florine character phones in again.
Maggie Grace big awkward situation. Sweaty Roland shits his pants. The Taken running montage, and ol' Soy Sauce head.
Eugene Levy next. An early school reunion segue is sidestepped. Talks about movie acting and improv and all that malarkey.

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Francine phones the show, which would be good ... it encourages that unlistenable dumb cunt Troy to barge in, which of course is very bad.


  1. Cranky Yimmy in the house! Many thanks as always, kind sir.

    1. Yeah, don't anyone be having a pop at Ali, not if the Jimster is around. You'll get yours and no mistake.


    2. Not only Ali... Jimmy was pretty pissy about Shannon from lost.... I missed mean Jimmy

  2. Maggie Grace, i wouldn't mind giving her a smooch


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