27 Apr 2012 - C Town

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Sammy does the before-show and searches for girls to be sniffed.
A Jonas spotted and Chip ruins the mood. The idiot Bobo clambers onstage and gets a handful. Roland sweats, and Jim smells.
Eager Jim hunts out more eggs. The Cherry Dart ladies are introduced.
More projectile games and more imbecilic Bobo. The format takes a very brief turn. Medical emergency averted. The game keeps on going.
Opie's drunk. Cherry Darts hurtles relentlessly towards its climax.


  1. you're such a sweet boy, david. my son david.

  2. I got to listen today on-line till 6p @ work. I get home and the hour I missed is already posted. You are such a good man (puts hand on shoulder, hands you a beer). Thanks bud.

  3. My day felt fucked up not having the show to listen to at lunch. Thanks for the quick upload man.

  4. Thanks so much, as always, David. I couldn't bear listening to all those goddamn interruptions. Salt of the earth, you are laddie!

  5. whoa, whooaaaa. thanks david.

  6. i'm young and i'm in poland so i'm not long time fan but this live show was best show yet for me ! :D thanks so much

  7. This was great, thanks for sharing. I hope they do more live shows and that there's some decent video available online.

    Totally unrelated, but does anybody know where I could get the 55 gallon drum challenge? I've looked eeeeeeverywhere and all I've found is a couple of dead torrents. Hook a brotha up.

    1. 55 Gallon Drum, sourced the audio from here:

      files.spreadtheonavirus.com/classicona/O&A Archived Shows/O&A 2002 Shows/

      ... have also reuploaded it here for faster download and to save them some bandwidth and server load.


  8. For a bit they should have a later term abortion done on the air where Bobo's mom will have the chance of a lifetime to correct that awful mistake she made 26+ years ago.

  9. David's reign on top of the most precious boy kingdom shows no sign of ever ending. Cheers and tickles to you, fine sir.


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