2 Apr 2012

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Lottery shenanigans, easy come easy go. Erock vacations on Mercury. Wrestlemania is a series of first-world calamities for a frustrated fatso.
Sambo's wild-man bachelor party : nudie girls, dads and a gay guy.
NBC News brutal audio hatchet job. Jay Mohrz phones in from the hoodie hood. Then a numbskull caller eviscerated, and fuck René too.
Erock picks-up to take his lumps. Chevy Chase voicemail played. The late Bill Burr arrives in studio. Hecklers all deserve a beating. Bill is this close to packing. Gold standard, Philly and CQ's greatest tweets.
Everyone bails out, leaving Bill and Opie to talk hockey on overtime.

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What did we learn? Whoo Kid acts all ignant. Burr's Philly YouTube.

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