11 Apr 2012

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Santorum, tax and spend, and hypocritical fraudulent political class. Ozzie Guillén discussion, free-expression, rights and consequences.
Joel McHale. Those Chevy Chase voicemails, everything sounds better with a Cure intro. Favorite war movies and assisted reality TV.
Bob Kelly next, more voicemail drama. Soup or laid? Rom-com trailer gets dissected by a rambunctious Chip. The Ted red-band is enjoyed.
Bobby's ridiculous bandolier is ridiculed, then yummy prolapse time. 'Oh, lawdy lawd!', big cyst video fatigues Ant. Cop show set stories.

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Bob Kelly stays-on, he does watch some amount of shite on Netflix. The big dope still believes in ghosts and Troy says 'energy'. Wrestling.


  1. Duuuude, thanks for the upload!

  2. Shucky shucky quack quack!

  3. BaHaha I love how they still call it shit show. Thanks for the up.

    What's going on with haze?

    Is this haze?

    Dude I'm so high

  4. Sweet David is precious, kind and humble and would be above addressing that Haze fellow. I am not. Haze is a piece of shit.

  5. My regular source has internet issues and you were reccomended. Many thanx. I like what you did with this website

    1. No problemmo.

      Only been at it a few months, so always on the look-out for suggestions for improvements.

      If anyone has an idea or would maybe want something changed around, just give us a shout, see what we can do.

      All the best.

  6. Yer amongst friends, ricky.

  7. Uggg...the first 20 mins if Rich Cunts whining like bitches about taxes. All 3 of these guys are so disconnected from the real world.

    1. Disagree, thought it a fairly reasonable and cogent summary of (any) government's unerring ability to always end-up running out of other people's money.

      And a reasonable enough description of the toxic social and economic mess you end-up with as pandering politicians act in concert with an electorate much too keen to keep voting itself bigger and bigger chunks of other peoples resource.

      I think the guys are in fact connected to a very real world of real people, real families and real communities that are capable of knowing how best to spend their own money, and should be trusted to do so.
      As opposed to a fantasy belief, counter to all available modern evidence, that government agencies and the self-serving political class knows better.

      Your mileage may vary ... give us a kiss.

  8. Howie is pretty disconnected. Thas why I switchted

  9. for the first time i wanted ShitShow to be a little bit longer xD


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