10 Apr 2012

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Bobby Kelly empties-out Ant's kitchen. Allergies, speeding camera and eggy rituals. Porcine execution, big Albatross and IBM chick.
Kinison and the Fives. Wallace and the homosexuals. Boys beware!!
Instagram, ya got your filters dude. CNN reads facebook. Who wants a Race War? Kodak done. Getting hostile with the Roberts. Poor Jess.
Chris Elliott guests. Plastic surgery, Letterman, meat sweats. Attention deficit in an information age. Comedy movies. WNEW remembered.
Buffett rule explained, and Buffett party is called. Cakes are described.

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Co-workers cohorting, and Ant is on the hotline to his favorite show. Erock paycheck incident and Erocktober ... all kicks off with Paul.


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