19 Apr 2012

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Dead Dick Clark. Tributes pour in. Afros. Sirius web team is beaten up. Sick from school and watching gameshows. Clips and springs.
Levels fucked and list of demands. Kid shits pants, it's on the news.
Kobayashi Maru for Erock. Rich Vos is here, he got a ticket. Mel Gibson audio. The Vos family explored. Seafood. One-legman and Wegmans.
Airline pilot audio is played. Golf story causes Vos crisis of confidence.
Rain Pryor in studio to plug. Talks all about her famous dad.

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Cousin Brucie tells us how much he loved Dick. Tippy and Bobo clips.


  1. Thanks. For da show.

  2. Thanks for the upload and the great recaps!


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