20 Apr 2012

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No Ant or Jimmy. Florentine and Bob Kelly are your replacements ...
Suicide benefits. Rashad Evans awkward question and UFC preview. Lazy wiggers. Bags and bandoliers bashed. Wide jars, outdoor shits.
Double topical? Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame reportage. Roller disco tales. Jim was a beautiful woman, Bobby a tutu cutie and Opie a model.
Bob Kelly sings Journey songs. Fitzy and Cedric call the show.
The inexplicable Sterling stinks. Bob eats out of a bucket. Gov Christie repudiates. The full Opie showreel gets played and gets a beating.
Show does OT, Opie & Bobby very comfortable just shooting the shit. That's your new podcast partnership after October I'd guess.

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Opie and Bob stay-on with Sam for a 10 minute Shit Show.


  1. Who is Fitzy and Cedric?

    1. Fitzy and Cedric are two callers that called the show, the only callers allowed on a no caller day.
      They weren't totally horrible so they get a namecheck for their effort.

    2. Fair enough lol. I didn't listen to the whole show, just parts of it. thanks for the upload btw.

  2. I hope Opie realizes without Jimmy and Ant, he's a piece of shit. Two good comedians couldn't even save him.

    I got so sick of his shit over the years telling Ant he'd go one way and Ant could go the other. Maybe a lot of that shit has chilled but today really showed the show sucks when you get too much of Opie.

    1. I still really appreciate the upload today and every other. You're a prince, sir!

    2. I'd rather listen to the morning jam with Jim and Sam than Opie with no Ant/Jim....although I did very much enjoy today's radio program.

    3. I disagree with the OP ... I think there is an obvious symbiosis and synergy involved here, defined roles, and clear that a good O&A show is always greater than the sum of any or all of the respective standalone parts.

      Have you ever tried to watch a LFTC 100% start to finish without muting once? Watching Ant without a show structure can be grim viewing. Likewise Jim and the characters soar when they bounce off and react to what is already happening in the show, not doing the spade-work of moving a show along. The straight-man is always the undervalued role.

      If the argument is that Opie is not as funny as a Cumia/Norton riff firing on all cylinders, well that's simple, nobody is.

      But I don't believe that being unable to keep pace with a couple of radio geniuses (genii?) automatically makes one a piece of shit. I think there is scope for a bit more nuance when it comes to analysis of the show dynamic.

      Yes the resentments and tensions are obvious, but Ant sitting staring at PalTalk all show, and blanking Opie, unless the news is race-based, doesn't much help anyone.

      If/when they split in October, off the three, as individuals, I'd perhaps be tempted to put my money on Gregorio to produce the most compelling web-content.
      Appearances on other people's shows and podcasts as a guest have always been enjoyable, he gets out and about, and he could probably do something pretty interesting/awkward with the 'Asshole Opie' character in his excellent street-videos.

      Him and DeRosa are always a good double act, so that's a viable side bet too.

    4. I couldn't agree with you more about Opie being good with show structure and keeping things moving. Any of the shows absent Opie tend go off the rails often times but he should stick to what he excels. Less of him and more of the others and that includes guests.

      I really enjoy the LFTC shows and probably more so if they had a bit more producing. Perhaps I was a bit harsh calling Opie a piece of shit, but I really prefer a show where his role is diminished. I wasn't expecting to be critiqued regarding my critique but now that I've read your comments, you're probably right.

      As far as beyond October, I think the LFTC could be good with Opie added in for structure. However, I think Opie's snide comments over the years previous to this one have encouraged Anthony to branch out on his own, a la Adam Corolla. I just hope he doesn't bring in a hole like Alison who really makes his podcast suck dead cock.

    5. Opie needs Anthony and Anthony needs Opie.

    6. And sweet little Jimmy needs the tender embrace of a man in a dress.

  3. can anyone do a jumbofile? or a glumboload?

  4. Hey thanks for posting these....You have a really well put together blog and the mirrors you use are always fast and hassel free. I'm sure you spend quite a bit of time on it and I just want you to know I am grateful.

    1. Cheers pal, thanks for taking the time to comment, appreciate it.

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