18 Apr 2012

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Bootlegs and screeners. The boys work to wind-up Ant over Cusack. Radio industry stinks. Nickel'n'diming, legal fucks and stunt-casting.
"Street fighting millionaire". Cum deep, and fuck the consequences. Greggémon catch 'em all. Ted's cranky Bill of Rights emporium.
Cromartie roll call. Kevin Hart appears, good old-fashioned slamming.
Edgar Allan Poe show-prep done live. Opie does a pitch for NAMBLA.
John Cusack is late, gets put on the clock ... Does he turn up in time?

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Opie acts as show producer, he leaves, the wrestling talk starts. What did we learn? and the hotline lights up. More doormen. And Troy.


  1. You do us a great service, many thanks!

  2. You're a special boy David. Many thanks.

  3. Wow, I could absolutely listen to Norton and Kevin Hart bash each other all day long. Fuckin HILARIOUS.

  4. Thank you so much, sir! I offer you my deathbed consciousness since Flintskins is too fucking selfish. Why the fuck do I need that shit?

    It's yours!

  5. You never know dude, you never know.


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