30 Mar 2012

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The basics of probability escape the boys as lottery fever descends. Santorum does his best Gabby Johnson. Kenny gets saucy.
Opie's contaminated apartment versus Ant fretting over biohazards. Barbi Benton's nips are examined. Bedtime apparel causes a schism, Jim Abbott was kinda tiring to watch and Erik Nagel is lazy and slow.
LeBron's headband, Troy's schnozola and Sam's thumbs. The lovely Jess is bottomless and videos are watched of people getting dropped.
Clock is watched. The boys struggle to build bridges. Ant was at the Star Wars cantina pursuing his 2nd Ammendment rights. Weekend.

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What did we learn? Daydreams, stalkers and wrestlemania friction.


  1. Thanks for the great recaps!

  2. I love when the boys watch videos...on the radio. You're fantastic as always sir.

    1. The boys talking over YouTube is some of my favorite stuff that they do.

    2. i was wondering if you had the o&A 2011 shows?


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