23 Mar 2012

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Studio lights. Tebow is in New York. Man down in the street. Apache FLIR, Whitney did coke apparently and Sam's awful wrestling junk.
ODB, Bill Maher op-ed, and how the FCC and sales worked together to shutdown terrestial radio. Homeless Charlie is mentioned.
Matt Paxton in studio. Hoarders, mice, beat-downs and podcasts.
Matt stays for a second bit. More thoughts on the psychology of dirty nutjobs. Hit the phones, and October podcast is floated again.

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Sam doubts the boys are prepared to do the heavy lifting required of a podcast. Surly grunting idiot Bobo is allowed on the aftershow.


  1. fucking opie and his sports talk, no one gives a shit about some rich faggots stealing each others land

  2. hey i just realized that you can stream the show from this site on your iphone. good shit!!

  3. Can you upload it on peejee.com. My employer has the other sites blocked because of his cuntness.

    1. peeje was giving "overloaded" errors at the time, so switched to uploadingit, but looks OK now, so have added the extra link.

  4. U RULE!!


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