28 Mar 2012

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Pissfoot follow-up. Sam has a hat. In absentia, foolish Troy is ridiculed. We listen-in to Norton's appearance over on Imus.
"We are the world". Jet Blue freakout. Octomom's fuckableness and degenerate ball-players. If Jim's got a paint can and a sock, watch out!
The new pop tunes are out, some gun law and Jaysus on a dinosaur. Social engineering the SATs as we race towards oblivion.
More shitty old TV for James Norton, he's on with the Nicolini.
Jersey Shore Pauly D turns up to yammer away, and Jimmy's back.

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Jim stays on the Shit Show to make up time. Troy is phoned and Ant is on the hotline. The Antolini first date clip is played. Cleveland.


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