28 Mar 2012

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Pissfoot follow-up. Sam has a hat. In absentia, foolish Troy is ridiculed. We listen-in to Norton's appearance over on Imus.
"We are the world". Jet Blue freakout. Octomom's fuckableness and degenerate ball-players. If Jim's got a paint can and a sock, watch out!
The new pop tunes are out, some gun law and Jaysus on a dinosaur. Social engineering the SATs as we race towards oblivion.
More shitty old TV for James Norton, he's on with the Nicolini.
Jersey Shore Pauly D turns up to yammer away, and Jimmy's back.

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Jim stays on the Shit Show to make up time. Troy is phoned and Ant is on the hotline. The Antolini first date clip is played. Cleveland.


  1. Damn you're quick, many thanks!

  2. Excllent work, sir. Please keep it up!


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