12 Mar 2012

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Springsteen wrap-up. Hear about photos of the shiny famous people that the boys annoyed. We imagine a young Jim had access to twitter.
Amy Schumer sits in. Wheelchairs and Plan B. The princely Nagel seed. Sleep is great. Shitting and farting on planes. Louis CK is disgraceful.
Stand-ups doing ads isn't fine. It's 'Troy brings a friend to work' day. Subway fear and loathing. Fuck antics and dirty talk catastrophes.
Will Ferrell in studio. Improv, SNL and all the usual stuff. He did a movie in EspaƱol. Talk about internet comedy and twitter.
We return for some quick plugs, Ant goes on a bombing mission and someone is asked to shit in a cat-litter box. Next exit, Log City.

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Roland on the show, Jimmy returns ... wonder what the topic is, can you guess? The creep Troy returns with his next sexual abuse victim


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