19 Mar 2012

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Window decals get fixed. Vacation recap, voyage to the bottom of the sea. Opes ponders the pre-Socratic elementals. More Mariana Trench talk and Club Med Hendel's big delicious cock.
Getting topicals collide. Last little bit of Springsteen/Roland malarky. Dumb Rosie gets shit-canned, the E-Lo is pined after. The Busybuddy Show is enthusiastically promoted. Wheels fall off Cleveland.
Draw something. Ant battles stereotypes on the road. Texting PSA.
Sam's Wondercon Virgil update (tumblr), sets off Erock. The hustle is playacted, and ... scene. Louis CK under scrutiny. Sharpton and a big black cock.

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It's the Shit-Show. Kenny stays on, and speculative hotel plans.


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    1. Sites keep changing how the links work after upload ... but both links should be fine now.

  2. does anyone know if there is a site or where i can get weird medicine?

    1. Click Ted's O&A Emporium just over to the right there ---->

      Free to register, Ryan usually uploads most of the weekend content.

  3. Thanks brother from another mother!


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