2 Mar 2012

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The Anthony Show.
DeRosa and Vos are up bright and early. Joe's a greedy pig. Rich is the subject of international intrigue, also has Israelli geopolitical analysis. Joe must have found some of Burr's old conspiracy pamphlets.
Everyone agrees that Otto and George are great. Advanced wooing techniques from Joe ... Kathi sound's quite the catch.
Guns and ammo phone-time segues into Breitbart remembered. Overdogs and outsiders. DeRosa channels the ghost of Howard Beale. No-ones getting off the hamster wheel anytime soon.

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Steve Sturniolo sits in with our Sam for some mild intern abuse.


  1. All hail our uploading overlord!

  2. The audio dropout from the morning recording has been replaced with a new version uploaded, the missing minutes pasted in from the replay.

    As I said, it was mainly the start of the wrap-up and the plugs and nothing vital was missed, so definitely not really worth re-downloading ... but just posted it up for completeness sake and to keep things all nice and tidy.

    Cheers - David.


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