6 Mar 2012

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Freedom of speech, just watch what you say. Great table-thumping performance from Opie as the boys fire on all cylinders. "Frank was better?" not on the phone he's not.
Angel Heart was a great flick. Mad Men office antics. An Intervention heroin-chic chick gets everyone semi-turgid.
The politics of guest booking. Sam's dead wrestlers update, return of. Ace Sherbert sickens us. Pat Robertson is a lunatic. Exo-skeletons and ants in general are admired. Wease 'nam tapes.
WWE Adam 'Edge' Copeland in studio. Injuries, surgeries, ladders and the Hall of Fame. Tales from the road. Sports-entertainment mic work.

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Two worst of clips. Intern Harry T (the lying sack of cunt) gets busted trying to push his own clips, and AJ Poopieschitz really loves tits.


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