7 Mar 2012

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No Jimmy. Super Tuesday and the hottest first daughters. Limbaugh consequences. Taking a time-bomb to the movies. Erock is a painfully transparent malingering fool ... and he's fat!
Unintelligent design and battling supersized bugs. Getting scalped by the eye-watering vig.
Cats and kittens. Peyton Manning. Dr Ruth, she aint no fuckin expert, Sam schooled that broad. iPad tech talk and then the boys try some arithmetic. Young boys in swimwear are googled. "Women are sexual objects", and yoga pants too. Mash-up Nicole craves the hard cock.

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Erock and Kenny call the hotline. Then Troy and Danny show up.


  1. Boo, no Lil' Jimmy. Thanks for the upload!

    1. He's out filming for Louie today ... so it's a yay!

    2. yaaaay lil yimmy


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